Fastweb launches SD-WAN offer for Italian businesses

In the course of continuous development and innovation of business support telecommunications networks, Fastweb has a novelty in Italian Enterprise Telecommunications Market, a solution SD-WAN Carrier Grade, capable of transforming enterprise networks into platforms intelligent, programmable, highly scalable software and at the same time fully integrated into its national network infrastructure. fastweb sd-wan

The increasingly widespread use of the Cloud and Big Data in the business environment has increased the need for connectivity to require networks that are increasingly agile, flexible and performing, thus managing the volume and dynamism of voice traffic, data and video within a distributed ecosystem of locations and data centers.

The solution FLEX Company of Fastweb, already active since the end of last year on a few large customers, is now available for all large and medium-sized businesses. Thanks to this solution, customers can configure and manage their own network autonomously, in real-time and simply through a dedicated portal. Specifically, FLEX Company offers various possibilities for managing its own network, such as the creation of one or more private virtual networks on existing WAN links, both MPLS and the Internet, and dynamic performance optimization both on the band level and on a single IT application, the reliability enhanced by the simultaneous use of multiple connections and a dashboard that allows you to manage and constantly monitor the entire network.

What distinguishes Fastweb ‘s FLEX Company solution is the integration of the SD – WAN platforms within the PoPs (Point of Presence) of the proprietary network,  guaranteeing higher quality and performance than the solutions offered by OTT (Over the Top). Moreover, unlike other platforms, it is not mandatory to set up SD-WAN devices in all company offices, but only in those for which you want to benefit from the services, thus avoiding unnecessary investments and management complexity.

For the SD-WAN market, the IDC research company expects a value that will triple in 2020 to reach 3 billion dollars on a global scale with an adoption rate in large companies that will exceed 60%.

FLEX Company is an important step toward full flexibility and automation of networks based on the paradigm of software-defined networking. Fastweb, as already demonstrated in the course of its history, once more takes on the role of primary contact point for Italian companies, for the adoption of innovative and digital technologies for the benefit of the business“, underlines Roberto Chieppa, Fastweb’s Marketing & Customer Experience Officer.


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