Fast Access to Global Mobile Voice and Data Pricing, Strategy Analytics

Strategy Analytics launches new Mobile Voice and Data pricing Dashboards, the quick and easy way to visually track, analyze and display current and historic mobile pricing from around the world

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Mobile tariffs are both complex and constantly changing. Service providers and regulators alike are faced with a continuous struggle to compare different offerings and average price points both with current data and over time.

The Teligen division of Strategy Analytics has been tracking this complex market for over twenty years, as part of its OECD Voice & Data Price Benchmarking Service; a quarterly updated Excel-based system which incorporates the internationally acknowledged OECD methodology.

The new pricing Dashboards complement the existing system by allowing users to quickly access customized results online, e.g. to view several baskets side by side, select a country or provider footprint, or view results over several time periods to see how they have developed over time.

Figure 1: OECD Mobile Voice and Data for Multiple Baskets (Graphic: Business Wire)

Figure 1: This sample graph from the Dashboards looks at several baskets and compares across a selection of European providers. This is a useful gauge whether providers are better optimised for specific usage or are they cheap or expensive regardless of usage type.

Figure 2: OECD Mobile Voice and Data for Multiple Baskets Time Series (Graphic: Business Wire)

Figure 2: Time series chart – The graph shows results from a selection of OECD countries across 5 time series. These results update dynamically, so that users can view different baskets, providers or time periods at the click of a button.

Josie Sephton, Director of Teligen said: ‘Teligen’s new mobile voice and data Pricing Dashboards are an exciting addition to our OECD price benchmarking systems, offering an easy-to-use platform for custom layout and formatting. The tables and graphs are easily exportable, perfect for reporting or planning.’

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