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Fairspin, the First Blockchain-supported Casino, Takes Online Gaming World by Storm

The world’s first-ever blockchain-supported online casinoFairspin is revolutionizing the world of digital gaming by providing players with much greater transparency and security.

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Through its use of the TruePlay blockchain platform, Fairspin also lets players make buy-ins in their preferred cryptocurrency, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, Tether, Cardano and Dash. Since first coming online in late 2018, Fairspin has generated a whopping 53,000 Ethereum – almost $14 million by today’s exchange rate – worth of winnings.

All transactions and statistics (including bets, payouts, bonuses, balances and probabilities) can be easily monitored on Fairspin’s website and verified on a blockchain explorer. Using this publicly available data, Fairspin highlights its most lucrative games in terms of total payouts. Within the past month, these have included ‘Steam Tower Touch’ ($2,058) and ‘7 Sins’ ($1,283).

Available in eight languages, Fairspin offers a range of classic casino games, including slots, roulette, lotto, and card games, among others. Fairspin players see frequent jackpots. One player recently won $4,355 playing the ‘Book of Gold’ slots game, while another made $3,799 (off a single $10 bet) in ‘Shaolin Spin’. With a view to rewarding its most loyal players, Fairspin recently introduced a ‘VIP Club’, members of which receive special bonuses with every new deposit they make.

TruePlay tokens: Digital gambling chips in Blockchain-supported Casino

Players can make their deposits in cryptocurrency, which are then automatically converted into TruePlay (TPLAY) tokens, with 1 Etherium (or its equivalent) buying 1,000 tokens. These unique tokens were specially designed and developed by the TruePlay blockchain platform, which meticulously records and tracks all token activity. Players can use these TPLAY tokens to place their bets in the game of their choice. When players are ready cash out, their tokens are reconverted into the currency in which the initial deposit was made. Because TPLAY tokens were developed exclusively for gaming on Fairspin, they are not subject to price volatility.

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