Experience Versailles: The Palace of Versailles is open for virtual reality visits

Globetrotters quarantined at home can teleport themselves to France and back to the 17th century with a virtual reality-powered visit to the Palace of Versailles

“Experience Versailles” isn’t new. But it’s enjoying renewed interest among Francophiles and households on lockdown for offering an alternative way to experience Versailles from thousands of miles away. Place the headset over your eyes, pick up the controller … and enjoy a unique and fully immersive experience in the Versailles of the 17th and 18th centuries..

For kids, the experience is an educational one, teaching players about Louis XIV and French sovereignty. Players also infiltrate a sumptuous masked ball held by Louis XV and can explore the palace grounds, moving through the Royal Courtyard, to the Hall of Mirrors and the King’s Apartments. From the Royal Courtyard to the Hall of Mirrors via the King’s Apartments, the King’s Private apartments or the splendid Ambassadors’ staircase, which no longer exists, “Experience Versailles” allows an approach like no other to the palace of Versailles.

The experience, available in French and English, is surprisingly educational : visitors can learn more about the life of certain figures – from courtiers to Louis XIV via the famous architect Jules Hardouin-Mansart or Madame de Pompadour – or discover interesting details about the life of the French sovereigns.The “Ambassador of Siam, 1686” experience provides the opportunity to discover or rediscover behind-the-scenes action during the reception of these visitors from afar, and get close up to one of the most emblematic receptions held in the Century of the Sun King. Designed in direct connection with the exhibition Visitors to Versailles. 1682-1789, the experience allows visitors to go a step further in their approach to the visit from these extraordinary ambassadors to Louis XIV.

The second experience, “Yew Ball, 1745” allows the user to discover the sumptuous masked ball held by Louis XV, as well as discover the Palace of Versailles by night and ponder which costume the sovereign wore at this spectacular event. Sneak among the guests and enter the private apartments to find out the curious costume chosen by the King.

The experiences, which include interactive moments with the user, allow you to get a closer view of the daily life of courtiers and discover their habits and duties.

For parents, it’s an hour or two of distraction.

The “Experience Versailles” is free, powered by Steam and works with VR headsets like HTC Vive or Oculus Rift.


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