Excel is great… But not for managing your telecom expenses

There are more efficient ways of managing your company data and expenses

Spreadsheets have always been useful for companies and they still have a purpose. However, there are more efficient ways of managing your company data and expenses.

With technological advancements and the evolution of artificial intelligence, spreadsheets will soon become outdated. Also, in a most today’s companies, assets and services are always added to technological environment, and all of them come with a ton of cost and usage data to manage.

Spreadsheets rapidly become difficult to manage and use. You and your employees spend more time cleaning it up than making sure that they are accurate or even valid. In the end, you’re not efficient, and it costs you time and money. For a small business with very few devices and services owned, spreadsheets can be a formidable tool. For all others not!

Using a TEM service also has other benefits that go beyond what a spreadsheet can do:

  • Control your technology environment: everything is up to date and organized. You can keep an eye on every item in your inventory, from internet connections to wirelines, as well as your software licenses.
  • It’s more accessible compared to excel, which is saved on someone’s individual computer and making collaboration more difficult.
  • Better use of your time: you no longer need to do all the manual work when the software does it automatically for you. You can now invest your time to projects that brings value to your company.
  • Risk of human errors decreases greatly when using a computer software, where the data is uploaded automatically and consistently
  • Automated reports: once you’ve decided what types of report you want, your job’s done. They will be generated automatically for you.
  • The inventory, services and reports are all in the same place and are interconnected in the platform. For example, you can suspend a service straight from a Zero Usage Report with only a few clicks.

If you feel that your telecom bill is poorly managed and that your costs are rising, Alertify  Telecom Expense Management solution will put you on the right track and give you the expense tracking reports to manage your phone plans and invoices efficiently.

Alertify reports reveal areas for potential savings on telecom services, and suggest optimization options for particular items. Users of various levels are provided with deep insight, reports, ad’hoc analytical services, spending statistic dashboards, and much more.

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