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netherland bill shock

Every Fourth Dutch mobile user experienced mobile bill shock

Nearly a quarter of Dutch consumers said they have suffered from mobile bill shock, according to the Telecompaper Consumer Insights panel. Despite the increasing size of mobile bundles, 24 percent said they had been surprised by out-of-bundle costs on their mobile bill in the past two years. mobile bill shock netherlands
bill shock – the unwanted surprise of a large monthly bill. Bill shock is most often associated with mobile phones when users incur excessive roaming charges while traveling.

In recent years larger data bundles have been introduced;  subscriptions from 10 to 20 GB are already quite normal, and an average subscription counts about 4.1 GB. In addition, since 2017 T-Mobile and Tele2 offer Unlimited subscriptions with basically unlimited data usage and that become more common globally.

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This seems to lead to a decrease in high bills for data consumption outside the bundle. In October 2016, it was still 28 percent of the Dutch. Of the more than a quarter of the Dutch who have experienced this in the past two years, 18 percent received an account that was up to EUR 10 higher than normal. 2 percent were confronted with an extra amount of up to EUR 50 in the last two years and 1 percent had an account that was EUR 100 or higher than normal.

Bill’s shock experience in the EU mobile bill shock netherlands

According to a survey conducted by the European Commission in 2020, 28% of mobile users in the European Union reported experiencing “bill shock” in the previous year. Bill shock occurs when a mobile user exceeds their monthly data or call allowance and incurs unexpected charges on their bill. The survey found that the most common causes of bill shock were data usage outside of the EU, exceeding data caps, and using premium rate services.

Overall, bill shock is a common issue among mobile users in the EU, but the situation varies depending on the country and the regulations in place. The EU has introduced regulations to protect mobile users from excessive roaming charges and to promote transparency in billing, but mobile users should still be vigilant about their usage and monitor their bills to avoid unexpected charges.

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