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Slovenia Telecom Market

 Slovenia is a Fast Grower telecom market in Southern Europe with 4 operators and 2.3 million mobile connections.


A1 (Telekom Austria) 


Telekom Slovenije 

Telemach Mobil 




Slovenia’s fixed-line telecom market remains dominated by Telekom Slovenije. The company has endeavoured to address declining revenue by diversifying its business interests and lessening its reliance pure telecom services. In response to domestic competition the telco has also developed an international presence, focused predominantly on the Balkans region where it is becoming a regional provider of IT and multimedia services.


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MVNO’s: HOT, Izi mobil, Spar Mobile, HIP mobil, SoftNET

The broadband market continues to be dominated by a small number of players. Despite the launch of competing platforms, DSL remains the most popular access method though its market share is being eroded by the steady development of fibre-based networks, as well as by upgraded cable networks which offer data rates of up to 220Mb/s.

Slovenia was among the first countries in Europe to switch from analogue to digital terrestrial broadcasting, and so has been able to make use of digital dividend spectrum for mobile broadband services.

The competitive mobile market has four mobile network operators and a small number of mobile virtual network operators. With high mobile penetration, telcos have branched into offering both mobile and fixed-line services so as to offer bundled products.