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Romania Telecom Market

 Romania Telecom Market is a Fast Grower market in Eastern Europe with 4 operators and 27.1 million mobile connections.

Slikovni rezultat za romania map red


DigiMobil (RCS & RDS) 


Telekom Romania (OTE) 




Romania’s fixed-line telecoms market is evolving under the weight of competition and technological change. The implementation of EU Directives opened the telecoms market to competition and brought about a regulatory framework designed to foster effective competition.

Alternative operators now off a range of competing services in all market segments, and in mid-2016 had a majority share of fixed-lines in service.

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The broadband market benefits from effective infrastructure-based competition. A focus on fibre-based services has seen the country’s fibre sector become one of the strongest in Europe. By mid-2016 about 94% of all fixed broadband lines were on some sort of fibre-based infrastructure. As a result, the country has one of the highest FttP penetration rates in the region, and by November 2016 the average broadband download speed broached 100Mb/s.

Increasing broadband take up has also fostered the development of Romania’s internet society, encompassing e-commerce, e-government and e-health. Digital TV is available via cable TV, satellite and digital terrestrial TV, with the satellite-based digital pay-TV operators instrumental in driving digital TV uptake. DTTV developments are progressing following the approval of a DTTV migration strategy.

Romania’s mobile market is served by five mobile network operators utilising a mixture of GSM, 3G and 4G technologies. Mobile broadband growth has been strong following network investments which have extended the reach of LTE services. Technologies adopted by the network operators have pushed mobile broadband to data rates at up to 375Mb/s, while the average mobile data rate reached 28Mb/s as of September 2016. There is effective competition among the operators, while a growing number of MVNOs add to the mix: one of the largest broadband players, UPC Romania, planned to launch as an MVNO in 2018. MNOs have also expanded into the fixed-line market: through a network sharing deal with Telekom Romania, Orange Romania provides bundled services to its subscribers. In late 2016 the company launched FttP services offering data at up to 1Gb/s. Source


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