Italy is a Connected Player market in Southern Europe with 4 operators and 79.3 million mobile connections.

Regulatory: Italian Communications Authority


TIM                               32.30%

Vodafone                     26.50%

Wind                            22.90%

H3G (Three Italia)    11.00%


BT Italia

Tiscali SpA


Wind Telecom

Telecom Italia

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 Italian government begins funding multi-billion Euro broadband program

Italy’s boasts one of the largest large telecom markets in Europe, supported by a population approaching 61 million. The fibre-optic sector has seen significant development in recent years, both in operator investment and in regulatory measures aimed at improving access to networks for smaller operators. The government has also set in train a multi-billion Euro investment program to ensure super-fast broadband connectivity for most Italians by 2020. This program is being supplemented by the efforts of the main telcos including Telecom Italia and Fastweb. Vodafone Italia, too, has encroached on the fixed-line sector as it’s the company improves on its ability to compete in the provision of bundled services.


As a result of these developments, the take up of broadband services in Italy has grown rapidly in recent years. The mobile sector is also performing well, particularly in mobile data services as consumers respond positively to the improved capacity and reach of LTE infrastructure. This has also led to the continuing dwindle of the fixed-line sector as consumers adopt mobile-only solutions and VoIP as alternatives to PSTN.

Italy’s vibrant mobile market is dominated by three operators, TIM, Vodafone Italia and Wind, while the fourth player 3 Italia has steadily made progress in securing customers. The owners of 3 Italia and Wind in mid-2015 agreed to merge their units, a process which requires regulatory clearance but would, if cleared, create the county’s largest MNO and even out the relative market shares among the three.

The broadband market enjoys strong competition within the DSL sector, supplemented by a vibrant fibre sector spearheaded by efforts from Telecom Italia and supplemented by investments from other telcos and municipal governments. In the absence of effective cross-platform competition from cable networks, services based on upgraded DSL networks have benefited from the market entry of new players such as Vodafone. Source

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