Ukraine Telecom Companies

Ukraine Telecom market is a Fast Grower market in Eastern Europe with 12 Ukraine Telecom Companies and 62.6 million mobile connections.


  • Crimeatelecom, Crimea 
  • Intertelecom 
  • Kyivstar (VEON) 
  • lifecell (Turkcell)
  • Lugacom, Luhansk 
  • PEOPLEnet 
  • Phoenix, Donetsk 
  • SevMobile, Crimea
  • TriMob (Ukrtelecom) 
  • Vodafone (MTS) 
  • Volna Mobile (KTK Telecom), Crimea 
  • WIN Mobile (K-2 Telecom), Crimea

Ukraine News

Ukraine telecom market has attracted investors from Turkey and Russia and although there remain considerable difficulties resulting from the annexation of Crimea from Russia and continuing unrest In eastern regions, the country has emerged from the severe recession of 2015 and 2016 and this is reflected in improving revenue growth for telcos.

The competitive mobile market is dominated by the three network operators Vodafone Ukraine (owned by MTS and using the Vodafone brand name), Kyivstar (owned by VEON) and Lifecell (owned by Turkcell). These dominant providers have effectively stymied the development of the MVNO sector by promoting their own low-cost subsidiaries. As a result, the MVNO market remains underdeveloped and few operators have been licensed thus far. Nevertheless, in coming years a gap in the low-cost segment may provide the opportunity for MVNOs to thrive. ukraine telecom companies

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