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Slovakia Telecom Market is a Fast Grower telecom market in Eastern Europe with 4 Slovakia Telecom Companies and 7.0 million mobile connections.

Slovakia prices compared to those in the EU: According to the latest data from the European Commission’s Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) report, Slovakia’s fixed broadband prices are below the EU average. The average price for a fixed broadband subscription with at least 30 Mbps download speed in Slovakia is €24.6 per month, while the EU average is €30.6 per month.

In terms of mobile data prices, Slovakia’s prices are also below the EU average. According to a report by, the average cost of 1GB of mobile data in Slovakia is €1.70, while the EU average is €4.33. slovakia telecoms

Slovakia telecom regulatory authority: RU

Slovakia Telecom Companies: 



slovak telekom



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Despite market liberalization Slovakia’s incumbent telco Slovak Telekom maintains a near monopoly of the fixed-line market. Following numerous delays, the government in May 2015 acted on its plans to sell its 49% stake in Slovak Telekom. It canceled a planned IPO, instead electing to sell its share to Deutsche Telekom. slovakia telecoms

Slovakia’s mobile market is served by four mobile network operators, three of which have a pan-European reach. Mobile penetration is relatively high, reaching about 123% by the end of 2016. The introduction of mobile number portability in 2006 intensified competition between players. Although the number of MVNOs is small the market is growing steadily. Mobile broadband access and content services are developing rapidly in line with operators upgrading their networks with HSPA+ and LTE technologies.
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