Romania Telecom Market is a Fast Grower market in Eastern Europe with 4 Romania Telecom Companies and 27.1 million mobile connections. Romania telecoms

Romania prices compared to those in the EU: According to a 2021 study by Cable.co.uk, which analyzed mobile data pricing in 230 countries, Romania ranked as the 6th cheapest country for mobile data in Europe, with an average price of $0.59 per gigabyte.

The same study also found that Romania’s mobile data prices were significantly cheaper than the EU average, which was $3.68 per gigabyte.

Romania telecom regulatory authority: ANCOM

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A 2020 report by the National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications of Romania (ANCOM) found that the average price for a mobile voice minute in Romania was 1.26 euro cents, which was lower than the EU average of 3.11 euro cents.

ANCOM’s report also found that Romania had the lowest prices for fixed broadband internet services in the EU, with an average price of 5.5 euro cents per megabit per second (Mbps), compared to the EU average of 11.4 euro cents per Mbps.

Additionally, a 2019 study by the European Commission found that Romania had the second-highest percentage of households with access to high-speed broadband internet (at least 30 Mbps) in the EU, at 69%, just behind Sweden.

Overall, these statistics suggest that Romania’s telecom prices are relatively affordable compared to other EU countries, particularly when it comes to mobile data and fixed broadband internet services.

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