Poland Telecom Companies

Poland telecom market is a Fast Grower telecom market in Eastern Europe with 5 Poland Telecom Companies and 55.6 million mobile connections.

Poland prices comparing to those in the EU: Compared to all EU28 countries, prices for mobile broadband and telephony in Poland are, across the offers studied, less than half as expensive as on EU average. No offers were found to be more expensive than the EU average.

Price Trends – Relative to 2017, averaging over the usage baskets shown, prices in Poland fell noticeably. The most different trend was for 0.1 GB data and 30 calls with 100 SMS, where prices fell somewhat (by 2%).

For 5 GB (data only) Sim card you will have to pay €4.17 (€16.02 is EU average).
Regulatory Agency: Office of Telecommunications and Post Regulation (URTiP)

Poland Telecom Companies and their market share:


Market Share: 27%

orange Market share: 27%

Market share: 24%

Market share: 22%


Poland Telecom Companies in fixed telephony: Netia, GTS Energis, Dialog, Telekomunikacja Kolejowa, Telekomunikacja Polska (France Telecom and Kulczyk Holding)

Poland’s liberalised telecom market has seen considerable development in all sectors. The incumbent telco Orange Poland has seen its market share dwindle in the face of competition and a regulatory environment which has facilitated the market entry of new players and extended network to Orange Poland’s fibre and copper networks.

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The mobile market in recent years has been characterised by the rapid extension of LTE networks and the development of mobile data services based on newly released and re-farmed spectrum. The regulator is preparing to release additional spectrum in several bands for 5G, though delays to the process mean that 700MHz spectrum is unlikely to be available before mid-2022.

Operators have invested in 5G, with T-Mobile Poland having launched a pre-commercial service in Warsaw at the end of 2018, and with full commercial services expected to be available in early 2020.

Mobile penetration in Poland is above the European average, standing at 137% by mid-2019. This reflects the continuing popularity among consumers to keep two or more SIM cards, which has distorted the real mobile penetration rate. Nevertheless, the distortion has been addressed on two fronts: by network operators being encouraged to disconnect dormant SIM cards, and by legislation, effective from February 2017, which obliges subscribers of prepaid services to register their details. These forces have resulted in a significant readjustment in the number of subscribers in the market.

Poland Telecom News

Orange Poland expands free access to 5G services

Orange customers with mobile subscription plans can take advantage of free access to # hello5G. There are over 6 million mobile users within the range of this network, incl. in Łódź, Katowice, Warsaw and Gdańsk. Find out more about Orange Poland 5G below. The functionality can be run independently, using the My Orange application. To […]

Orange Poland offers roaming promo in the UK

Operator Orange Poland has introduced a promotion for roaming services in the UK and areas belonging to it. The promotion will run end May. Orange Poland roaming   roaming Customers will be able to use voice services and SMS/MMs at home rates. Mobile data services will be available under the same conditions as in the […]

T-Mobile offers the MultiSIM service to individual and business users

T-Mobile Poland has introduced its MultiSIM service, available for both consumer and corporate subscribers of the operator. The service allows subscribers to use eSIMs on the Samsung Galaxy Watch3 LTE smartwatches. t-mobile poland multisim The virtual eSIM card in T-Mobile has been available to corporate users so far, but now we are expanding its availability […]

Orange Poland warns of new roaming charges in the UK after Brexit

Orange Poland has warned its customers of new roaming rates which will be applied in the UK from 01 January of 2021 in the case if any additional agreement between the EU and the UK is absent. orange roaming after brexit The UK government released guidance on 13 July 2020 saying: “From 1 January 2021, the […]
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