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Norway Telecom market is a Digital Pioneer market in Northern Europe with 3 main Norway Telecom Companies and 6.3 million mobile connections. Although not a member of the European Union, the country’s telecoms sector is synchronized with relevant EC legislation. norway telecoms

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According to a study by, Norway ranks 18th out of 29 European countries in terms of the affordability of its mobile data prices. The average price for 1GB of mobile data in Norway is USD 6.66, which is more expensive than in many other European countries such as Poland, Italy, and Austria.

In terms of broadband internet prices, a report by the Norwegian Communications Authority found that the average price for a broadband internet subscription in Norway was NOK 417 (USD 49) per month in 2020. This is slightly higher than the average price in Sweden (SEK 299 or USD 33) and Denmark (DKK 299 or USD 49), but lower than the average price in Finland (EUR 29 or USD 35).

It’s important to note that Norway is known for having a high cost of living in general, so telecom prices may be higher than in some other countries due to this factor.

Regulatory Agency: Norwegian Communications Authority

Norway Telecom Companies IN FIXED TELEPHONY:




Hafslund Telekom


Ventelo formerly Banetele


The mobile market is dominated by Telenor Mobil and Telia, with Ice a distant third. The market is well advanced in LTE developments, with both Telenor and Telia spearheading networks in the region. Telenor was cited as having the fastest mobile data rates globally in mid-2018, and the company has also been chosen to manage one of the EU’s key 5G development programs. norway telecoms

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The broadband market has been supported by a technologically savvy populace as well as the efforts of providers to migrate subscribers to fast broadband services provided by fibre networks, VDSL and upgraded cable infrastructure.

In common with other Scandinavian countries, Norway has a sophisticated telecom market with high broadband and mobile penetration rates and a highly developed digital media sector. Although not a member of the European Union, the country’s telecoms sector is synchronised with relevant EC legislation. Telenor is the dominant operator in all sectors, though there is increasing competition from new entrants. Telia Norway increased its market share by acquiring the operations of Tele2, Phonero and Get.

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