Latvia Telecom Companies

Latvia Telecom market is a Fast Grower telecom market in Northern Europe with 4 Latvia Telecom Companies and 2.7 million mobile connections.

Latvia Telecom Companies: Bite (Providence), LMT (Telia), Tele2 and Triatel 

Latvia prices comparing to those in the EU: Compared to all EU28
countries, prices for mobile broadband and telephony in Latvia are, across the offers studied, much less expensive than on EU average. No
offers were found to be more expensive than the EU average.

Price Trends – Relative to 2017, averaging over the usage baskets shown, prices in Latvia rose noticeably. In contrast, for consumers requiring 0.1 GB data and 30 calls with 100 SMS, prices fell strongly (by 21%).

For 5 GB (data only) Sim card you will have to pay €8.90 (€16.02 is EU average).


Latvia’s telecom market has been shaped by the European Union, with the EU’s 2002 regulatory policies and the revised 2009 New Regulatory Framework being adopted as core components of the sector’s regulatory measures. The country is as also a member of the Economic and Monetary Union of the EU, and has adopted the euro as its national currency. It became a member of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD in June 2016.

Latvia’s broadband market continues to suffer from inadequate progress on local loop unbundling, though the government has stepped up its efforts to build a national fibre broadband network, part-funded by the European Commission (EC).

Four mobile network operators compete in the market. LTE services have been launched commercially, while operators including Tele2 have expanded the reach of their LTE-A services, adopting carrier aggregation technologies to boost data speeds. Operators such as Bité Latvia have also begun the process of transitioning their networks to support services and applications based on 5G. To this end there has been greater development of technologies to develop IoT (Internet of Things) applications, initially in Riga. Source

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