Bosnia and Herzegovina is a Fast Grower telecom market in Southern Europe with 3 Bosnia and Herzegovina Telecom companies and 3.4 million mobile connections. bosnia telecoms

According to a report by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) from 2020, the average price of a mobile broadband plan in Bosnia and Herzegovina is USD 10.3 per month, which is lower than the global average of USD 13.9 per month.

However, the affordability of telecom services in Bosnia and Herzegovina is still lower than in some other European countries. For example, according to a report by Cable.co.uk, the average cost of a mobile data plan in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2021 was USD 9.47 per month, while the average cost in Romania was USD 1.89 per month, and in Poland, it was USD 2.22 per month.

Bosnia regulatory agency: The Communication Regulatory Agency


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The economic prosperity of Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH) largely rests with the country’s continuing integration with the European Union (EU). GDP growth has recovered from the slow-down seen in the wake of the GFC in 2008 and 2009, though growth was inconsistent until 2015, since when the economy had grown at above 3% annually. Other than a slight dip in 2017, growth for 2018 was 3.2%. There remain some significant challenges, not least of which is high unemployment which continues to hinder the country’s economic growth potential.

The telecom market has been liberalised and a regulatory framework created based on the EU’s regulatory framework for communications. Although Bosnia-Herzegovina remains an EU candidate country, in July 2017 it applied amended mobile roaming charges to fit in with changes introduced across the Union. Further roaming agreements were made in 2019 with other western Balkan countries.bosnia telecom

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The market is characterised by three zones, each with an incumbent telco. The largest operator BH Telecom is the dominant provider, while Telekom Srpske operates in Republika Srpska and HT Mostar is active in Herzegovina. Together, these three incumbent operators control 99% of the market. All three are subject to specific obligations designed to improve competition.

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