Effortless Connectivity with eTravel eSIM: Data, Voice & SMS

In today’s interconnected world, staying connected while traveling is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Gone are the days of worrying about carrying bulky physical SIM cards and navigating confusing activation processes. Enter eSIM ‘s revolutionary technology, which is poised to transform the way we experience international travel. eTravel eSIM review

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eSIM stands for embedded SIM, a digital SIM card that is embedded directly within a device’s hardware. Unlike traditional physical SIM cards, eSIMs can be activated remotely, eliminating the need to physically insert or remove a card. This seamless activation process makes eSIMs incredibly convenient for international travelers, allowing them to easily switch between local networks without the hassle of swapping cards.

Why should you choose eTravel eSIM?

eTravel eSIM offers a range of benefits that make it an ideal choice for international travelers:

  • Seamless Activation: eTravel eSIMs can be activated instantly via a QR code, eliminating the need for manual SIM card swapping. This convenient process saves travelers time and eliminates the risk of damaging their devices.

  • Global Coverage: eTravel eSIMs provide access to a wide range of local networks across the globe, ensuring that travelers have reliable connectivity wherever they go. Whether exploring the bustling streets of Tokyo or trekking through the remote wilderness of Iceland, eTravel eSIM will keep you connected.

  • Voice services and SMS messages: Two versions of this product are available: one is data-only, while the other supports both voice and data services. The data-only version permits you to use data exclusively, whereas the other version allows you to make or receive calls, send or receive SMS messages, and use data.
  • Flexibility and Convenience: eTravel eSIMs offer unparalleled flexibility, allowing travelers to switch between local networks as needed. This is particularly beneficial for frequent travelers who visit multiple countries during a trip.

  • Streamlined Travel Experience: eTravel eSIM eliminates the need to carry multiple physical SIM cards, saving space in luggage and simplifying the travel process.

  • Environmentally Friendly: eSIMs are more environmentally friendly than traditional physical SIM cards, as they reduce the need for disposable plastic packaging.

eTravel eSIM Plans eTravel eSIM review

eTravel eSIM offers a variety of international plans to suit a wide range of traveler needs. With plans ranging from 5GB of data to unlimited data, there is a plan to fit every budget and usage pattern.

  • 1 – 4GB Data Plan: Ideal for short trips or casual travelers who primarily use their phones for communication and basic web browsing.

  • 10GB Data Plan: Suitable for travelers who plan to use their phones more extensively for activities like online maps, social media, and streaming music.

  • 25 – 50GB Data Plan: Catering to frequent travelers or individuals who want to enjoy uninterrupted connectivity for extended periods.

  • Unlimited Data Plan: The ultimate solution for heavy data users who want to stay connected without worrying about data limits.

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Validity of the Plans

The validity of your plan will vary depending on the specific plan you purchase. Each plan has its own designated validity period. When you select a plan, the corresponding validity duration will be clearly stated. It is important to review the details of each plan to understand the validity period associated with it. This will ensure that you have the appropriate timeframe to utilise the services included in your chosen plan.

eTravel eSIM Setup eTravel eSIM review

Setting up an eTravel eSIM is a breeze. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Purchase an eSIM plan: Choose the plan that best suits your needs from eTravel eSIM’s extensive range of options.

  2. Activate your eSIM: Receive a QR code and activation instructions via email.

  3. Scan the QR code: Open your device’s settings and scan the QR code to activate your eSIM.

  4. Enjoy seamless connectivity! Once activated, your eSIM will provide you with reliable internet access throughout your travels.

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What number will be your mobile number? And can you use your existing mobile number?

eTravel eSIM provides a number starting with +44. Your existing number will also be operational; you can choose any line for outgoing calls. Incoming calls can be received on both numbers, and since your existing number is also in use for calls, you will not miss any incoming calls on your existing number.

eTravel eSIM prices for Europe:

eTravel eSIM

Europe (37 countries)

1 GB – 30 days – €4.18

4 GB – 30 days – €6.95

10 GB – 30 days – €11.96

Unlimited 7 days – €22.90

(all packages include 100 Mins Local Calls)



Here are some indicative prepaid eSIM card prices for Europe from a few of the best eSIM companies:


Europe (39 countries)

1 GB - 7 days - €4.53

3 GB - 30 days - €12.00

10 GB - 30 days - €33.40airalo

Europe (29 countries)

500 MB - 1 day - €2.00

3 GB - 30 days - €8.00

10 GB - 30 days - €19.00


Europe (36 countries)

1 GB - 7 days - €5.00

3 GB - 15 days - €12.00

10 GB - 30 days - €16.50


Europe (32 countries)

 1 GB - 7 days - €4.61
3 GB - 30 days - €11.99

10 GB - 30 days- €34.12
 alosim logo

Europe (42 countries) 

1 GB - 7 days - €3.73
3 GB - 15 days - €8.45

10 GB - 30 days- €17.40 instabridge logo
Yoho Mobile

Europe (43 countries) 

1 GB - 30 days - €4.64 

3 GB - 30 days - €8.46

10 GB -30 days- €22.36

yoho mobile

Europe (28 countries)


5 GB - 30 days - €11.00


jetpac logo
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eTravel eSIM Customer Reviews

eTravel eSIM has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from travelers worldwide, praising its ease of use, seamless activation, and reliable coverage. Customers have particularly appreciated the ability to switch between local networks without the hassle of physical SIM card swaps.


eTravel eSIM is a game-changer in the world of international travel. Its convenience, flexibility, and global coverage make it an indispensable tool for travelers of all stripes. Whether you’re a frequent business traveler, an adventurous backpacker, or a family exploring new destinations, eTravel eSIM will keep you connected and enhance your travel experience. With its commitment to providing top-notch customer service and a wide range of affordable plans, eTravel eSIM is the eSIM provider of choice for savvy travelers worldwide. Embrace the future of global communication with eTravel eSIM and experience seamless connectivity wherever your travels take you.

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