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4 operators offer eSIM services on smartwatches in Lithuania

Four Lithuanian operators provide eSIM services on smart watches, according to a study from Ernst & Young Baltic and the national telecommunications regulator RRT. Find out more about eSIM smartwatch offers in Lithuania.

In Lithuania, mobile communication services are usually still provided using traditional physical SIM cards inserted in communication devices. Using such a technological solution, in order to start using the services, it is necessary to contact e. contact your service provider and obtain a SIM card from your service provider. service provider, even if you keep your current phone number, you need to change your existing SIM card to a SIM card issued by your new service provider.

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When mobile services are used for personal needs, a subscriber wishing to change operator must contact the new operator to issue a new SIM card, insert it into the existing communication device, and in some cases reboot or reconfigure the communication device. The eSIM solution provides opportunities to replace e. communication service provider remotely wirelesslyover-the-air provisioning ).

In Lithuania, solutions are already emerging that offer the use of e. communication services, implementing them in the modules integrated in the devices, but in the absence of clear criteria and practices for the provision of services based on eSIM technology, the eSIM solution in Lithuania still does not fully function.

The preparation of the study “Model for Promoting the Use of Integrated Subscriber Identification Modules (eSIM) in Lithuania” is envisaged in the DNA Plan of the Future Economy and commissioned by RRT as e. the regulator of the communications sector, one of whose tasks is to promote efficient long-term investment and innovation in electronic communications.

The study is planned to be prepared by 2021. December. The study is prepared by UAB Ernst & Young Baltic together with a competent team of Lithuanian and foreign experts led by RRT. esim smartwatch lithuania

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