Ditch the Plastic: How eSIMs Are Revolutionizing Global Travel

An eSIM (embedded subscriber identity module) is a software-based digital SIM card that allows you to activate a cellular data plan without having to use a physical nano-SIM card. esim for global travel

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eSIMs provide several benefits over traditional physical SIM cards:

  • Convenience – eSIMs allow you to easily switch between cellular plans and providers on the fly, without having to obtain new SIM cards. This makes managing multiple phone numbers or data plans while traveling much simpler.

  • Flexibility – You can remotely activate or deactivate eSIM cellular plans instantly, without having to insert or swap out SIM cards. eSIMs enable dual SIM functionality on a single device too.

  • Security – eSIM profiles are stored securely on a device’s built-in chip. This makes them more difficult to swap or steal compared to physical SIM cards.

  • Compact design – With no physical SIM card required, manufacturers can create slimmer and more compact devices without SIM card slots and trays.

eSIMs work by storing your cellular plan and identity profiles on a secure embedded chip built into your phone, tablet, or smartwatch. This allows you to download and switch between multiple cellular plan profiles over-the-air without having to physically switch SIM cards. The eSIM connects to local carrier networks by downloading operator profiles that are unlocked using an activation code.

Top eSIM Providers esim for global travel

eSIMs (embedded SIMs) are a new generation of SIM cards that provide connectivity via software instead of traditional physical SIM cards. Major eSIM providers allow you to sign up for plans and manage your connectivity all through an app.

These providers offer eSIM data plans in over 190 countries, providing convenient connectivity while traveling abroad. With an eSIM, you can connect to the internet without having to obtain local SIM cards in each destination. eSIM providers also make it easy to pause or cancel plans as needed, all through their apps.

Leading eSIM providers like Airalo and Ubigi have launched innovative features like sharing data balances and automating top-ups. Others, like Nomad, boast extensive network coverage spanning 195+ countries. Key advantages of using major eSIM providers include flexibility, ease of use, good value rates, and extensive global coverage.

So for frequent travelers who need data connectivity around the world, the top eSIM providers offer a versatile and convenient alternative to physical SIM cards and roaming.

Companies like BNESIM, Airalo, Ubigi, Nomad, Instabridge, Yoho, aloSIM and eSIMEurope.com are leading choices for hassle-free global connectivity. Compare their offers below.


BNESIM is one of the most popular eSIM providers, offering great coverage and competitive pricing. It provides eSIM plans in over 200 countries with 4G LTE data speeds.

Some key details about BNESIM:

  • Coverage – BNESIM uses networks like Vodafone, T-Mobile, Orange, etc. to provide coverage in most countries globally. It offers good coverage across North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and South America.

  • Plans – BNESIM has monthly plans as well as single-use plans valid for a fixed duration. The monthly plans are flexible and auto-renew each month. Data amounts range from 500MB to 50GB per month. The single-use plans provide data amounts between 100MB to 5GB with validity periods of 2 days to 30 days. BNESIM is also offering plans with no expiration!

  • Pricing – BNESIM pricing starts at as low as $4 for 100MB single-use plans. The monthly plans are priced between €4 and €50 based on data amounts. They have both recurring and non-recurring options. They have both recurring and non-recurring options. Taxes are included in the price. Additionally, they offer data bundles that can be added to plans if required.

  • Speeds – The monthly plans and data bundles provide 4G LTE speeds. The single-use plans have a speed cap of 256 kbps after data usage.

  • Compatibility – BNESIM eSIMs work with most unlocked phones with eSIM capability from Samsung, Google, Apple, Motorola, etc.

  • Activation – Activating BNESIM eSIMs is easy and instant after purchase by scanning the QR code provided. No physical SIM is required.

Overall, BNESIM provides reliable connectivity with its global coverage and reasonable prices. The flexibility of mixing and matching monthly and single-use plans makes it a good choice for both travelers and residents.


Airalo is one of the top eSIM providers, with great global coverage across over 140 countries. They offer easy-to-activate eSIM plans that provide fast 4G LTE data without the need for a local SIM.

Some key details on Airalo’s plans:

  • Coverage: Airalo has agreements with over 400 networks worldwide, providing excellent coverage even in remote areas. Their eSIMs can connect to multiple networks in one country for maximum reach.

  • Speeds: The eSIMs deliver 4G LTE data speeds of up to 150 Mbps down and 50 Mbps up for HD video streaming and smooth internet usage. The speed depends on the local carrier.

  • Pricing: Airalo has pay-as-you-go plans without any contracts. Pricing starts at €3 for 1 GB in over 50 countries. More high-speed data packs are available up to 5GB.

  • Validity: The eSIM data packs last between 3 and 30 days, depending on the country. Unused data expires at the end of the validity period.

  • Activation: Getting started with Airalo is very quick and convenient. You can activate their eSIM through the Airalo app within minutes.

In summary, Airalo provides flexible, short-term eSIMs that work in most countries worldwide. Their easy signup process, good 4G speeds, and competitive rates make them a top choice for international data connectivity.

Ubigi esim for global travel

Ubigi is another top eSIM provider that offers flexible data plans that work in over 200 countries. Some key things to know about Ubigi:

  • Plans: Ubigi has a wide variety of data plans to choose from, ranging from 500 MB to 50 GB. You can get short-term plans valid for 1–30 days or longer-term plans valid for 60–365 days. They have both recurring and non-recurring options.

  • Coverage: Ubigi uses cellular networks in over 200 countries, including major carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile, Vodafone, and Orange. They have excellent coverage in Europe, North America, and many other regions.

  • Pricing: Ubigi’s pricing is very reasonable, starting as low as €8 for 1GB in a 30-day plan. For Europe, 500MB costs €2 for 1 day. Also notable is that unused data rolls over if you renew your plan.

  • Ease of Use: You can easily activate Ubigi eSIMs right from your phone and manage your plans through their app. Setting up the service only takes a few minutes.

  • Speeds: Ubigi advertises LTE speeds where available. User reviews note fast, reliable connections in most areas. Speeds are subject to the limitations of the local carrier network.

Overall, Ubigi delivers flexible, affordable data connectivity around the globe. With good speeds and coverage, it’s a top choice for international travelers who need eSIM data plans. The app and account management make it simple to get started and manage your eSIM on the go.


Instabridge is another top eSIM provider that offers connectivity in over 190 countries worldwide. Some key details on Instabridge’s plans include:

  • Coverage: Instabridge uses Truphone’s global network to provide coverage in over 190 countries. They have strong coverage across North America, Europe, parts of Asia, Australia, and South America. Their coverage may be more limited in Africa and parts of Asia.

  • Plans: They offer a range of short-term and long-term data plans. Their short-term plans include a 7-day plan, a 15-day plan, and a 30-day plan with 1GB, 3GB, or 10GB. If you choose to continue using Instabridge after your data package is exhausted, you’ll remain online and seamlessly transition to their flexible pay-as-you-go rates.

  • Pricing: Instabridge pricing is mid-range, being more affordable than some options but more expensive than others. Their short-term plans are reasonably priced for minimal data needs. The long-term plans can offer good value for frequent travelers who need multi-month coverage.

  • Ease of Use: Instabridge aims to make getting connected simple. Once you purchase a plan, you can instantly generate an eSIM profile and QR code for activation. Managing and topping up your plan is easy through their app.

Overall, Instabridge provides a solid mid-range eSIM option with wide coverage, flexible short- and long-term plans, and easy self-service through their app. For travelers needing reliable connectivity across many countries, Instabridge is worth considering.


Nomad is another popular global eSIM option for travelers. They offer cellular data plans in over 165 countries, providing reliable connectivity for calls, texts, and internet usage while abroad.

Nomad’s plans are tailored for travel, with flexible short-term data allocations ranging from 1GB to 50 GB. Pricing starts at around €5 for 1GB in one region or country. For multi-country coverage, 5GB across Europe costs €9.5. Their unlimited countries’ data plans (choose between 1–10 day packages), with speeds up to 5G, provide maximum flexibility for digital nomads.

Importantly, Nomad offers coverage in many remote and rural areas thanks to partnerships with top national carriers. They use multiple provider networks to ensure the strongest signal. Countries like Morocco, Egypt, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, and more are supported.

Nomad’s app and dashboard make it easy to manage plans on the go. You can pause data anytime, change regions, check usage, and renew data packs. Support is available 24/7 via chat or phone call in case any issues arise.

With reliable connectivity, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service, Nomad is a top choice for an international eSIM.

nomad esim


Yoho esim for global travel

Yoho offers eSIMs with plans targeted towards travelers. Their eSIMs allow you to access mobile data in over 190 countries worldwide.

Some key details about Yoho’s plans:

  • Coverage: Yoho eSIMs work in over 190 countries globally, including popular travel destinations in Europe, Asia, North America, South America, and more. They partner with major carriers worldwide to provide broad coverage. esim for global travel

  • Pricing: Yoho has pay-as-you-go pricing starting at €4.20 per GB in most countries. They also offer 1 GB 7 Days, 3 GB 10 Days, 5 GB 15 Days, 10 GB 30 Days, Unlimited 7 Days, Unlimited 15 Days, Unlimited 30 Days. The unlimited package for Italy for 7 days is €23.90.

  • Data Speeds: Maximum download speeds are up to 256 kbps after the data allowance is used up. Full-speed 4G/LTE data speeds are available until the data allowance is reached.

  • Validity: Pay-as-you-go credit does not expire. Fixed data packages expire after 30 days from activation.

  • Devices: eSIMs are compatible with the latest iPhone and Android models with dual SIM capability. Users can install the eSIM cellular plan remotely.

  • Ease of Use: Yoho offers easy online activation and account management through their website and apps. Top up your data anytime with a credit card.

Yoho provides flexible and affordable eSIM options for international travelers who want to stay connected abroad. Their global coverage and pay-as-you-go pricing make it easy to get short-term cellular data in many countries.

Yoho Mobile, a company that offers overseas data communication services through eSIMs. Our mission is to help people stay connected with their loved ones around the world, anytime and anywhere.


eSIMEurope.com provides eSIM plans in over 190 countries around the world. They offer day passes, monthly plans, and unlimited data options to fit a variety of connectivity needs while traveling internationally.

Some key details about eSIM Europe’s plans:

  • Day passes start at $3.99 and provide 500MB-1GB of data over 24 hours. These are a great option for short trips where you just need maps/messaging.

  • Monthly plans range from $19.99-$49.99 depending on the country and data amount. For example, you can get 10GB in the US for $24.99 or 3GB in Japan for $17.99. Plans auto-renew each month.

  • Unlimited data plans are available in over 50 countries. Speeds are LTE with unlimited data use. Pricing ranges from $7.99 in places like Germany and the UK to $2.29 in spots like Singapore and Hong Kong.

  • eSIM Europe uses networks like Vodafone, T-Mobile, Orange, and others to provide coverage in each country. They have agreements to access fast, reliable networks worldwide.

  • All eSIM plans are pay-as-you-go, with no contracts. You can cancel and change plans at any time based on your travel schedule.

  • eSIMs are delivered via email within 1–12 hours after ordering during business hours. Installation instructions are provided.

  • Customer service is available via phone, email, and WhatsApp to help with any issues.

Overall, eSIM Europe provides flexible, affordable eSIM plans for travel in nearly 200 countries. Their day passes, month-to-month plans, and unlimited data options are a great fit for minimal connectivity or heavy data use worldwide.

aloSIM esim for global travel

aloSIM is a relatively new player in the eSIM market that was founded in 2018. It’s based in Lithuania and aims to provide affordable, flexible eSIM plans to customers around the world.

Some key details about aloSIM’s plans and services:

  • Coverage: aloSIM has global coverage in over 170 countries, partnering with major networks like Vodafone, Orange, Deutsche Telekom, and others. This makes it a great option for international travelers.

  • Pricing: aloSIM offers some of the most competitive rates among eSIM providers. Their data-only plans start at just €4 for 1 GB in a single country. For full flexibility, there are Region packages eSIM with high-speed data in 170+ countries.

  • Flexibility: Customers can change countries or switch between data packages at any time through their online account dashboard. aloSIM also doesn’t require any long-term commitments. Packages are 1, 3, 5, or 10 GB.

  • Simplicity: Ordering an eSIM profile is quick and easy through their website. You simply select the country or global plan you want, register your details, and then scan the QR code they provide to activate your plan.

  • Support: aloSIM provides customer support via live chat, email, and a UK phone number. Users mention their customer service team is very responsive. esim for global travel

Overall, aloSIM stands out as an affordable and flexible eSIM solution for global travelers who need connectivity around the world. With their competitive rates and huge global coverage, they make it simple to stay connected no matter where your travels take you.



In summary, eSIMs provide a convenient and flexible solution for getting cellular data connectivity while traveling internationally. The top eSIM providers discussed in this article each have their own strengths and benefits.

BNESIM, Airalo, and Ubigi are among the top choices for their global connectivity options and ease of use. Their eSIM plans can be purchased and activated entirely online, without needing to visit a store. These providers offer competitive pricing, especially for short-term data packages while traveling.

Instabridge, Nomad, and Yoho also provide quality international eSIM services. However, they may have fewer country options compared to BNESIM, Airalo, and Ubigi. These providers are still worth considering if your travel plans align with their supported regions.

Esim Europe and aloSIM are smaller European eSIM providers that focus on European travel connectivity. They can be good options for data service within the EU and certain other European countries.

When selecting an eSIM for your travels, consider which regions you will be visiting and how much data you’ll need during your trip. Comparing the providers’ country availability and data package pricing can help determine the best fit. Activating an eSIM before departure ensures connectivity upon arrival. esim for global travel

Overall eSIMs deliver exceptional convenience for international travelers who need data service while abroad. Providers like BNESIM, Airalo, Ubigi and others make it easy to stay connected anywhere you roam.

Here are some indicative Europe prepaid eSIM card prices:


Europe (39 countries)

1 GB - 7 days - €4.53

3 GB - 30 days - €12.00

10 GB - 30 days - €33.40airalo

Europe (29 countries)

500 MB - 1 day - €2.00

3 GB - 30 days - €8.00

10 GB - 30 days - €19.00


Europe (36 countries)

1 GB - 7 days - €6.50

3 GB - 15 days - €11.00

10 GB - 30 days - €20.50


Europe (32 countries)

 1 GB - 7 days - €4.61
3 GB - 30 days - €11.99

10 GB - 30 days- €34.12
 alosim logo

Europe (42 countries) 

1 GB - 7 days - €3.73
3 GB - 15 days - €8.45

10 GB - 30 days- €17.40 instabridge logo
Yoho Mobile

Europe (43 countries) 

1 GB - 30 days - €4.64 

3 GB - 30 days - €8.46

10 GB -30 days- €22.36

yoho mobile
eSIM Europe 

Europe (42 countries)

5 GB - 10 days - €11.20

10 GB - 30 days - €22.50

20 GB - 30 days - €33.55 EUsim logo
* Get your Airalo discount code here.

 If you have any questions about which package to buy, please reach out to our friendly Customer Support team via email: info@alertify.eu

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