ER-Telecom upgrades video-surveillance service for businesses

The Business unit of Russian operator ER-Telecom has begun commercial operation of the Video-Control cloud service. It uses software and hardware of Russian origin and provides video surveillance functions but also enables corporate customers and SMEs to analyse footage recorded by the video cameras. 

In the modern world, business is not limited to office space. Thanks to cloud-based video surveillance, you can secure your virtual presence 24/7. Transfer your business to your tablet, laptop or any other mobile device. Solve problems at a distance effectively, control the business.

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Video surveillance Business is not limited to viewing a video stream from cameras. Operator provide you with analytics tools with which you can optimize business processes, improve service and solve your problems. 

You will be available: a module to monitor the activity of staff, a module for counting visitors, the construction of heatmaps. You will not miss a single event by connecting a system of detectors: a detector of faces, movement, loud sound, sabotage, fire and left objects.

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