One Year Anniversary of End of Roaming Charges in Europe


Andrus Ansip, Vice President of the Digital Single Market and Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, announced after the first year without roaming charges in the EU that Europeans largely benefit from the new rules:  end of roaming eu

We are happy to see that people use their mobile phones more and more freely when travelling abroad in the EU, especially when it comes to mobile data. Frequent travellers and European youth, in particular, recognize the benefits of roaming without extra costs.

This is an example of an EU that concretely improves the lives of European citizens. Roam-like at home is working and is becoming a habit: customers are appreciating it, consumption is up and the demand for mobile services while travelling in the EU is very high. It benefits consumers and operators alike. The large increase in roaming traffic has also had a positive effect on wholesale revenues for operators.

Our main goal was to lift the significant barriers created by roaming charges, not only for consumers who were limited by the cost of using their phones abroad but also for mobile operators. Since we abolished the charges, more than five times the amount of data has been consumed, and almost two and a half times more phone calls have been made in the EU and the European Economic Area. This is great news.  Moreover, 82% of people who have travelled to another EU country in the last year say they have benefited from the new rules. No one has to face a bill shock anymore after returning from holidays or a business trip abroad. end of roaming eu

We will continue our cooperation with national regulators to monitor the developments in mobile markets all over Europe and to guarantee the rules are well applied.

The good news for European citizens does not end here. Additionally, to end roaming charges, European citizens can travel with their digital subscriptions since April 1, this year. Starting this year, European consumers will be able to find the best deals online when buying goods and services across the EU without being discriminated against based on nationality or residence.”

Final Thoughts end of roaming eu

Moving forward, the collaboration with national regulators will continue to ensure the effective implementation of these rules and monitor developments in mobile markets across Europe. Moreover, in addition to the end of roaming charges, European citizens can now travel with their digital subscriptions, and from December 3 of this year, they will have access to the best online deals for goods and services across the EU without discrimination based on nationality or residence.




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