Private Networks for enterprise

Enabling Private Networks For Enterprise Networks

A private enterprise network is a type of network that allows organisations to place micro towers, edge routers,small cells, and other network infrasture on-site that can be controlled and managed by them locally, typically isolating it from the internet and other public network.

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Businesses are turning to private cellular networks for a variety of use cases, and many of the applications for this transformative technology will be designed and driven by enterprises themselves.

Private network enablement is the product of several complex components that working together allow a private wireless network to function seamlessly. One of these components with substantial influence on enabling a private network is connectivity. For over 35 years, Syniverse’s business has been deeply rooted in developing tools that allow for the successful connectivity of mobile devices, from localized networks to connections that span the globe.

The power of private networks continues to be the ability to focus cellular connectivity within a smaller area, such as a campus or large manufacturing site. Private networks offer expanded bandwidth supporting a multitude of devices or SIM connections, the capacity to support increased data, security, and the ability to offer enhanced reach. But many devices are not sedentary; they might be nomadic and require connectivity beyond the private network as they traverse both regionally and internationally. Maintaining that seamless and secure connection from a local private network as it transitions onto a public network is key.

Additionally having the power to maintain data integrity by keeping information originating within a private network secure as it moves from the sanctity of this network to an external application, completely avoiding the public internet is a tremendous advantage for organizations looking to maintain a level of security and network performance.

Here are some examples of applications for private networks in use today:

Real-time surveillance Private Networks For Enterprise

Private networks were designed with wide-area mobility and coverage in mind, so they are well-suited to enhance remote video surveillance capability in large areas, such as stadiums and smart cities.

Worker safety monitoring Private Networks For Enterprise

Private 4G and 5G networks support wireless-oriented utility sensors and safety applications that can be used to monitor employee safety on work sites.

Operation visibility and optimization

Private networks provide greater visibility into resource utilization and traffic prioritization. Because of the greater visibility, with advanced analytics, enterprises can better optimize resource allocation.

Remote diagnostics and predictive maintenance

Enterprise organizations, such as utility companies, often require remote capabilities to diagnose and repair equipment in the field. The ability to perform preventative repairs before a weather event can avoid power loss during the event, which means little or no downtime and reduced operational costs.

Large-scale wi-fi vs. private cellular networks

Businesses are turning to private cellular networks for many applications that can’t be performed as effectively with Wi-Fi. For example, the Wi-Fi connection process is prone to errors, and that unreliability can be costly for organizations.

In addition, private 4G and 5G networks offer better wireless coverage than Wi-Fi over large areas, which solves the typical indoor coverage problem. On top of that, because private networks deliver low latency and rapid processing capabilities, they could connect multiple devices, Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT), to business processes while maintaining performance.


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