Elisa Drops EU, EEA Roaming Charges

From 15 June 2020 all Elisa customers are able to roam at domestic prices in EU and EEA countries according to the EU roaming regulation reasonable usage principle. Fee for excess data usage in EU and EEA countries for consumer subscriptions is EUR 3.72/GB. elisa roaming eu

Elisa applied the sustainability mechanism in 2017-2020 for surcharges of consumer customers data roaming. Surcharges haven’t been applied to corporate customer subscriptions since June 2019.

Change of the roaming prices is not expected to have material impact on Elisa’s profits. Elisa’s 2020 guidance and mid-term financial targets are intact. elisa roaming

Elisa to track and predict the spread of coronavirus

HUS Helsinki University Hospital utilizes the intelligent real-time situational awareness view implemented by Elisa along with aggregated location data to monitor people’s movements to support a deeper understanding and management of the coronavirus pandemic.

Elisa provides HUS Helsinki University Hospital anonymous, aggregated location data and an online solution that pulls data from various data sources. The collected data is then integrated, analyzed and visualized for the HUS management.

From all the collected data, a live situation awareness view is built that HUS uses to monitor and predict the spread of the coronavirus. Elisa’s smart dashboard solution provides several different perspectives on the development of the pandemic and hospital staff and equipment availability. elisa roaming eu

The online situation view also uses anonymous, aggregated location data provided by Elisa to HUS. This provides HUS a powerful tool to monitor people’s whereabouts in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

Obtaining data from people’s whereabouts is based on how devices utilizing the mobile network and data, such as smartphones, connect to base stations across the metropolitan area. Gaining visibility into people’s movements plays an important role in predicting the effects of coronavirus spread on medical care. elisa roaming eu


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