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Elisa Estonia reports decline in use of roaming services

Elisa’s roaming statistics from last year show that the corona sharply put a brake on Estonians’ travel plans. Compared to 2019, 41% fewer Elisa customers visited foreign countries and the use of data communications abroad decreased by 22%. More news about Elisa Estonia Roaming below.

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Since 2017, the consumption of mobile data communications abroad has risen as a rocket, which was launched by the European Union’s roaming regulation. It is likely that Estonians would have been happy to travel more vigorously last year as well, as the majority of Elisa’s customers used to visit abroad a few times a year, but the global infectious situation sharply put a brake on many travel plans.

Looking at the last months of last year, it seems as if the trip has been suspended. While Elisa’s customers generally travel according to the season, the past year has been characterized by a declining trend, “said Mailiis Ploomann, Head of Elisa’s Telecommunications ServicesIn 2020, the number of Elisa customers who visited abroad decreased by a total of 41%, and the least travel was in April last year when the number of customers who visited foreign countries decreased by 63% compared to 2019. Consumption of mobile data abroad fell somewhat less last year, by a total of 22%.

The statistics of tourists who have visited Estonia follow a similar trend. “The year started very beautifully when almost 30% more people visited Estonia in January and February, but the downward trend started in March,” Ploomann described. In 2020, the number of interfaces visiting Estonia decreased by a total of 38%, but data communication consumption decreased significantly less, by a total of 8%.

“Apart from the sometimes frustrating statistics, the long-held truth that the amount of data that people consume on smartphones is increasing enormously every year is revealed. This is why data consumption will not fall as much as travel. New social media platforms and changing consumption habits will bring even larger volumes of data, which we are looking forward to launching 5G, ”added Ploomann.

According to roaming data, Elisa’s customers visited Latvia, Finland, Russia, Lithuania, Germany and Poland the most last year. Estonia was again visited the most by Finland, Latvia, the Netherlands, Sweden, Great Britain, Lithuania and Denmark. elisa estonia roaming

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