Elisa Estonia reports almost 100% roaming use increase

Estonian mobile operator Elisa said that the use of data roaming services by its subscribers jumped 96 percent year-on-year in 2019 in terms of traffic volume. elisa estonia roaming
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The increase totaled 772 percent against 2017. Elisa Estonia roaming increase was related to the adoption of EU roaming services in 2017.

“The convenience of using your number and package abroad is of utmost importance for customers, and therefore it is also very important for Elisa that the customer can continue their online operations smoothly across the border,” said Andrus Hiiepuu, head of Elisa’s private client unit “Almost every new Elisa package today has the ability to use roaming in Europe, and in addition we want to offer our customers worldwide affordable data communications with Elisa internet tickets, which today cover 101 different countries.” elisa estonia roaming


Elisa Estonia roaming

In total, Elisa’s customers abroad consumed 3,987 terabytes of data last year. With this amount of data, you could watch 65 years of Netflix in 4K quality, 1080p of YouTube for 151 years, and listen to Spotify for as much as 2,730 years.

Use of roaming

The data shows that the average Elisa customer in several countries uses more data than the customer in that country while in Estonia. For example, the average Estonian in Spain and Italy consumes twice as much data, in Germany three times more and in England four times as much data as the citizens of the respective country consume in Estonia.

Most of Elisa’s customers go abroad a couple of times a year. Neighboring countries such as Finland, Sweden, Latvia are most visited, but Russia, Poland and Germany are also popular. Elisa’s statistics show that roaming is most used during the summer when peak travel time is reached.

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