Edinburgh is the most expensive New Year’s Eve destination in the UK, a survey reveals

A new survey by Cheaprooms.co.uk has revealed that Edinburgh is the most expensive destination in the UK to spend New Year’s Eve this year. edinburgh UK

The survey compared the cost of accommodation this coming December 31 across 20 cities in the UK. For each destination, the price for the cheapest available double room was recorded. Only centrally located hotels or guest houses rated at least three stars have been taken into account.

In Edinburgh, revellers will need to spend £384 for the cheapest available double room – by far the highest rate in the UK. That’s an increase of over 400% when compared with regular winter rates.

London is the second most expensive city to ring in the new year, with a rate of at least £256 for the night. This is the most expensive it has ever been to find a hotel room in central London on Dec 31 in the past decade. Bath completes the podium at £185 for the night.

In Leeds, visitors will need to pay at least £151 to spend New Year’s Eve in the city. At an increase of 178% on regular rates, this is the highest relative price rise among any English destination considered in the survey.

The following table shows the 10 most expensive destinations in the UK for hotel stays this New Year’s Eve. The prices shown reflect the rate for the cheapest available double room in a centrally located hotel or guest house, rated 3 stars or more. Regular winter rates have been included in brackets for comparison. edinburgh uk

  •  Edinburgh £384 (+418%)
  •  London £256 (+118%)
  •  Bath £185 (+95%)
  •  Cardiff £176 (+155%)
  •  Brighton £175 (+105%)
  •  Manchester £169 (+119%)
  •  Sheffield £165 (+101%)
  •  York £161 (+70%)
  •  Leeds £151 (+178%)
  •  Cambridge £149 (+61%)


Most expensive destinations in Europe: edinburgh uk






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