Edenred Makes Payments Smarter With Apple Pay In Austria

In September, Edenred launched new mobile payment solutions for their customers in Italy and Austria. Using the Google Pay or Apple Pay wallet, the users in these two countries can now connect Edenred solutions with their mobile devices

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The Italian users of the ExpendiaSmart solution can now pay for their work expenses directly from their smartphones using the Google Pay wallet. On another hand for Austrian customers, the payments are becoming easier and faster, thanks to Apple Pay and the Ticket Restaurant and Ticket Services solutions.

Once again, Edenred looks into the future and takes a further step in the digitization of its solutions, creating an ecosystem of digital payments increasingly available on mobile platforms.

In 2016, Edenred pioneered this means of payment for its Ticket Restaurant Card users in France and Spain. Today, Edenred has already rolled out mobile payments services (such as Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay) in 16 countries, where it has millions of potential users for its solutions.

Edenred is the global leader in payment solutions for the working world. Primarily carried out via mobile applications, online platforms and cards, these solutions are improving employees’ quality of life, increasing companies’ efficiency and boosting merchants’ revenues.

The Group brings together a unique network of 47 million employee users, 830,000 corporate clients, and 1.7 million partner merchants.

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