du focuses on fixed line and post-paid as prepaid falls

United Arab Emirates telecom company du is focusing on increasing fixed-line and post-paid mobile revenue to counter a fall in prepaid customers, its chief executive said on Thursday to Reuters.

Mobile revenue was up 0.3 percent in the third quarter as the number of mobile subscribers fell 3.3 percent. Fixed-line revenue rose 7.8 percent as subscribers rose 5 percent.

Chief Executive Osman Sultan said the fall in prepaid subscribers was greater than post-paid but the overall 3.3 drop was largely due to a government policy to disconnect numbers not used for a prolonged period of time or that were not registered.

Du does not disclose a breakdown of post-paid and prepaid customers.

Sultan said on a conference call that du was working to grow post-paid revenue by simplifying post-paid mobile plans, offering more paid packages and improving customer experience.

The company had 7.7 million mobile subscribers as of Sept. 30. The company had 760,000 fixed-line subscribers as of Sept. 30, which Sultan said gave it 16 percent of the UAE’s fixed-line market.


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