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Drei Austria launches Narrowband IoT network

Available from summer with special rates throughout Austria

Hutchison Drei Austria has launched its own country-wide NB-IoT network. The operator hopes to boost the Internet of Things even before the nationwide 5G rollout, said Jan Trionow, CEO of Drei,during a press briefing.


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First selected companies can already use the new network for their sensors and modems. In a few weeks, the network will be publicly available in Austria with its own special tariff. “It gives our business customers even safer, more seamless IoT solutions at even lower cost,” says Trionow.
NB IoT is particularly suitable for stationary applications with low data requirements such as gas / water / electricity meters, on-off buttons, door locks, industrial monitors, smoke, motion or water detectors, temperature sensors or other sensors. The new network offers an optimal Internet connection for sensors with low data transmission rates and high reception sensitivity. 
The biggest advantages of the NB IoT network are the costs – and the energy savings. Both NB IoT modems and tariffs are significantly cheaper than traditional mobile Internet access. The modems achieve battery life of up to ten years with two conventional AA batteries.
In addition, the high reception power of Narrowband IoT ensures a greatly expanded coverage and high building penetration for use down to basement level – even without additional transmitter power.

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