Doogee’s V30 is the first rugged phone to launch with an eSIM

The Doogee V30 eSIM feature is perfect for all travelers.

Most industry-leading brands maintain their position through innovations. In the rugged phone industry, Doogee has released products with unique features that are of value to consumers. The company’s new product Doogee V30 is a big statement to its competitor. It is one of the best-designed smartphones of the year, with eco-friendly leather on the back. It is also the only rugged phone with eSIM as one of its main features. doogee esim


SIM cards are important on any smartphone to make phone calls. However, anyone with a smartphone understands its importance.

For people whose livelihood has them traveling around the world, physically buying a SIM card anytime they are in a new country is time-consuming and inconvenient.

Thus, eSIM was developed, which is now being adopted by the V30 rugged phone.

The Doogee V30 eSIM feature is perfect for all travelers

With this feature, all you have to do when you arrive in a new country is to scan the QR code of a service provider and follow a few setup processes, and then you are ready to go.

doogee esim

Therefore, this removes walking to a physical store anytime you want to switch carriers. The Doogee V30 joins the short list of smartphones offering this feature to its many customers.

With what is already written, the advantages of the eSIM are very evident. Doogee V30’s eSIM features facilitate a cheap way to transfer service providers.

Additionally, it eradicates the potential of damage to SIM cards and saves on the transfer cost. These advantages reduce the anxiety of traveling to a new place.

At this point, it is time to talk about the phone’s design. At an initial glance, the V30 looks like every rugged phone on the market, but you realize it is much more upon closer look.

The back is covered in eco-friendly leather that is pleasant to the eyes and feels great in the palm.

To complete the design, the side panel finish was inspired by wood grains giving an entirely unique and fresh look.

Doogee keeps providing its clients with advanced technologies and an improved experience.

With more details of the V30 set to be released, it is safe to say the V30, like the V20 and V10 before, is certain to come with flagship-level features.

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