DNA Changes EU-Roaming Prices: Calls And Messages At Domestic Rate, 90% Price Cut For Data

DNA’s customers can now use their mobile phones without worries throughout the European Union. From 15 June 2017 onwards, roaming calls and messages in the EU will be billed at the domestic rate and the unit price of data will fall by more than 90%. In June 2017 DNA will also launch new subscriptions which include EU roaming data in the monthly fee.

Despite the falling EU-roaming prices, no price increases will be introduced in domestic prices for existing customers.

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“The product changes we have made ensure that the EU price changes do not create additional costs for customers who do not use roaming services. We have also decided to keep the popular unlimited data in our portfolio,” saysPekka Väisänen, Senior Vice President of Consumer Business at DNA

EU roaming pricing changes for existing subscriptions

Starting 15. June, EU-roaming data will be billed with EU-baseline tariff of 0,57 eurocents per megabyte (5,7€/Gt). EU-roaming minutes, texts and multimedia messages will be billed with domestic rate only, without additional fees. Receiving calls will be completely free.

The new EU pricing scheme is valid within fair usage limits and for periodic roaming. EU-roaming is considered periodic as long as domestic usage surpasses EU-roaming usage. Subscription specific fair usage limits will be introduced for EU-roaming data.

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“At DNA, we have implemented the regulated EU-roaming fair-use policy in customer-centric fashion, to meet the needs of most of our customers. For customers who frequently need mobile services in other EU countries, the best option is the new DNA Nopea 4G subscriptions, which also include EU data with no extra charges,” Väisänen says.

New DNA Nopea 4G -subscriptions

To respond to the needs of frequently travelling customers, DNA is launching the new DNA Nopea 4G subscriptions in June 2017. The plans come with extremely fast 4G data and a sizeable EU data package of 10GB/month. Within the package, no extra charges are applied for EU data transfer.

“Some of our customers travel within the EU very frequently. The very same customers also tend to want fast internet connections. The EU data packages offered as part of Nopea 4G subscriptions meet most of our customers’ demands hands down,” says Väisänen.

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