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Digi Mobil introduces eSims

Digi Mobil has started offering eSims (integrated SIMs) for its mobile phone packages. Starting December 22, subscribers who own a compatible mobile device will be able to connect to the Digi mobile network using eSIM technology, with no need for a classic (physical) SIM card. digi mobil esim

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At the end of this year, DIGI surprised its customers again and announced the launch of eSIM (integrated SIM) technology for mobile phone packages. Thus, starting December 22, subscribers who own compatible mobile devices will be able to connect to the DIGI mobile network using eSIM technology without needing the classic (physical) SIM card.

eSIM technology allows multiple phone numbers to be installed on a single mobile phone (in the case of some newer models), giving customers the possibility of alternative usage according to needs and preferences. Customers who want to benefit from this innovative technology can obtain the digital eSIM card directly from the company’s representatives, from the DIGI store network, or can activate it at any time online if they have equipment compatible with the eSIM function and perform the activation via a wi-fi connection.

Before entering your Digi.ro account to change your card to an eSIM card, please check if your phone is compatible with eSIM technology. You can find the list of eSIM-compatible phones here.

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Users who opt for eSIM will receive a QR code and, respectively, instructions to create and activate the profile on the phone. After completing the digital card activation process, users must ensure that the settings for VoLTE and VoWiFi data services are active on the new eSIM profile. When contracting the DIGI mobile phone service, customers will be able to choose between the SIM card, in physical format, and the eSIM, and can subsequently replace the SIM with the eSIM, depending on their preferences.

The first eSIM is offered free of charge, and replacing it with another digital card involves a fee of 5 lei (VAT included). According to the latest report published by the National Authority for Communications Administration and Regulation, DIGI became the operator with the number 1 mobile voice coverage in the country, covering 98.8% of the Romanian population, thanks to major investments in fiber optic and mobile infrastructure.

The company maintains its position as a leader in portability, being the telecommunications operator that attracts the most users to the 4G and 5G networks through porting at the national level, currently serving over 4.715 million mobile connections (data available on 30.09.2022 ).



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