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Deutsche Telekom, Greyp to Demo EBike at IFA

Deutsche Telekom is a leading provider of digitalization solutions, working with partners to help develop innovative products. Up-and-coming company Greyp, which makes very special e-Bikes, is a prime example of this successful collaboration. Its new e-Bike boasts state-of-the-art technology, design and connectivity features. Greyp ebike

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Looking for a strong partner to take the development of its mountain bike to the next level, Greyp enlisted the help of Deutsche Telekom, working closely with its tech incubator hubraum. Hubraum’s Consumer IoT eSIM Program promotes connected solutions for the Internet of Things.

The Greyp e-Bike is a very suitable example of how we bring technological innovations to the street—very literally in this case—with our tech incubator hubraum”, explains Claudia Nemat, Deutsche Telekom Board member for Technology and Innovation. “With the hubraum Consumer IoT eSIM program, we make it very easy for small companies to integrate our connectivity into their products and, consequently, enable them to commercialize their innovative ideas easier and faster.”

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Greyp is responsible for the conceptual design and connecting the bikes, while Deutsche Telekom ensures the necessary connectivity, providing a seamless link to the bike and the app controlling all the various functions. The end result is an e-Bike that offers a unique user experience.

“A great bike showing how connectivity makes this mode of transport smarter. I’m impressed how Greyp has used this technology to turn the age-old tradition of cycling into a completely new digital experience,” says Tim Höttges, who is among the new G6 e-Bike’s fans.

Greyp bikes are equipped with cameras, on-board computers, and fitness accessories. This means it will be possible, for example, to adjust the motor output to the rider’s pulse and level of activity. The really special thing about this e-bike is its permanent internet connection using eSIM technology. A SIM embedded in the system transmits data between the bike and the app.

The app supports a whole host of different functions, turning the user’s smartphone into a digital cockpit. In addition to navigating, it can also analyze the bike’s riding characteristics.

The e-bike’s cameras provide combined video and audio recordings of routes, which can then be instantly shared with friends and communities. From September 6, the high-performance e-bike will also be available in Deutsche Telekom’s online shop. On this same date, anyone who would like to give it a test ride will have the opportunity to do so at the Deutsche Telekom booth in Hall 21a.

For more information about Greyp, go to www.greyp.com.


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