Deutsche Telekom launches real data flat rate for prepaid customers

No more limitations of the prepaid DayFlat XXL to 5 GB high-speed volume. Telekom users now have a real flatrate available.

Deutsche Telekom has upgraded its prepaid DayFlat XXL tariff to give customers unlimited access to mobile data over a 24-hour period, wrote
Previously, customers on the DayFlat XXL prepaid tariff received 5 GB of data over 24 hours for EUR 4.95.
The change make the prepaid tariff Telekom’s first “real” flat rate data tariff option.

As before, the Prepaid DayFlat XXL can only be booked within Germany. Use is also possible in EU roaming once the option has been ordered. The reactivation after 24 hours is then only possible when the smartphone is logged back into the German telecom network.

The settlement of the option takes place via the prepaid credit. If there is not at least 4.95 euro remaining balance on the card, the day option, which has actually been converted to a flat rate, can no longer be booked. The option can be booked in tariffs that also have a data package.  The MagentaMobil Start S therefore remains outside.

Prepaid DayFlat XXL now as a real flatrateTelekom is currently offering another DayFlat on several days of action on the occasion of the World Cup in Russia. This can be obtained equally for contract and prepaid customers. Secondary brands such as EDEKA smart and FCB Mobil, which are processed via Telekom Multibrand GmbH, also benefit from the offer, which can be booked for free and is also valid for every 24 hours.

The next Football DayFlat can be booked next Saturday, June 23, for the German team’s match against Sweden. We have already tested the mobile football streaming via LTE with the Football DayFlat. In another message, you can read about our experiences with football streaming in the car .

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