Deutsche Telekom launched enterprise mobile security products from Symantec

Real-time protection from the cloud against viruses

Telekom is launching two new security products together with Symantec. With the new solutions Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud (SEP Cloud ) and Cloud Protect Pro, companies will provide customers with more security in mobile work in the future.

‘With cyberspace threats increasing, the SEP Cloud solution offers a high level of security thanks to its advanced multi-tiered approach. With Symantec, we have a partner for the broadband protection of workstations, tablets and smartphones against malicious software says the head of Telekom Security Dirk oven. Backofen explains: ‘The solution complements the portfolios of our business customers in the broadband and application environment. It increases the productivity of the company. At the same time, the attack risk is reduced. ‘

“Businesses are offering cybercriminals a bigger attack surface and facing more and more sophisticated attacks. At the same time, they need to comply with ever-more stringent regulatory controls, ‘said Stuart Henderson EMEA Enterprise Director at Symantec:’ Today’s attacks are multi-layered, multi-tiered, and the device is one of the critical vulnerabilities.

There is a lack of integrated technologies to keep up with new everyday malware such as ransomware. The terminal is the first and last line of defense in many companies. By further expanding Symantec’s applications as part of the Deutsche Telekom security portfolio, its vendor’s business customers can leverage one of the most comprehensive security platforms currently available on the market. ”

Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud

Symantec’s Endpoint Protection Cloud (SEP Cloud ) protects devices in real time against malware, spyware and ransomware attacks. The solution also offers protection against zero-day attacks. An attacker exploits a vulnerability on the same day they are discovered before the software vendor can close it. SEP Cloud is equipped with a firewall and anti-virus software. The solution checks and blocks downloads of websites and uploads to the corporate network via external data carriers if necessary. It uses technologies such as machine learning, file reputation analysis, new memory protection mechanisms, and real-time behavioral control.

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The offer is aimed especially at small and medium-sized companies. The solution therefore does not need any expert knowledge for operating. Anti-virus or anti-malware settings work through a web-based console. This shows about the security status of each connected device. It also provides information about current security threats. Telekom Security is planning an enhanced version of the product. Symantec Endpoint Protection 14 in the first quarter of 2019. This solution is then tailored for large companies. The telecom security division wants to supply the offer from its own data center.

Cloud Protect Pro

Cloud Protect Pro provides enterprise employees with security when they use cloud applications. The solution detects attacks by analyzing user behavior. It protects against attacks on sensitive data or employee accounts. At the same time, the solution provides detailed information management and encryption. Cloud Protect Pro can be integrated into existing ones Integrate a company’s IT security solutions.

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