Deutsche Telekom develops eSIM Business Manager with EBF

The embedded SIM, or eSIM for short, is becoming increasingly popular in Germany. Around seven million smartphones already have a permanently installed SIM chip. The eSIM is also used for applications in the Internet of Things (IoT).  eSIM Business Manager

The digital SIM card is interesting for large numbers of mobile devices. Or IoT connectors such as sensors. Managing devices in the cloud is now even easier: with Telekom’s eSIM Business Manager. Complete fleets of end devices can now be started within a few minutes. The cloud application shows everything at a glance. Companies receive a comprehensive overview of their terminal equipment. With all associated information about the contracts and eSIM profiles.

Only a few clicks now finally replace a cumbersome administrative process. The eSIM Business Manager is a good reason to switch to eSIM operation now ”, says Peter Arbitter, Senior Vice President Portfolio, Telekom Germany. “Even when managing small numbers of devices, our customers save enormous amounts of time and money.”

Start device fleets with one click

And this is how it works: The Telekom eSIM Business Manager links information from different systems. For this purpose, information on the mobile phone contracts is newly combined. With the information from Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) or the Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) of a company. A so far unique solution in Germany. A major advantage: It enables a new eSIM profile to be quickly assigned to all end devices. That ensures speed. Previously, the data had to be transferred manually. They were individually assigned to the contract and eSIM profile. Now it is done with one click in the online portal. An entire fleet of devices can be replaced with new models just as quickly. Or switch from SIM card to eSIM. The users can then put their smartphone into operation immediately.

The start page of the eSIM Manager clearly shows three work steps: onboarding, contract overviews and the eSIM migration for the simple exchange of a physical SIM card for an eSIM.

Thales & G+D maintain leadership in Global eSIM market

Tablets and laptops are also increasingly equipped with an eSIM. In this way, several profiles can be used on one eSIM. And thus also different tariffs. The physical SIM and an eSIM can also be used in parallel. This option is particularly interesting for business and private use of the device.

The eSIM Business Manager is a joint development by Deutsche Telekom and EBF, a long-term partner and expert in enterprise mobility.

You can find more information about the product here: / esim-business-manager . eSIM Business Manager


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