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Black risotto, or gnocchi with chicken and truffles? Octopus goulash, or seafood curry? These are some of the options available to anyone visiting Bots & Pots in Zagreb, which is said to be the first restaurant in the world with pot food made by robots. robot restaurant zagreb

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There are 70 possible options on this restaurant’s menu, where almost all recipes are pot-based and made by kitchen robots. The project took seven years to get off the ground and cost more than 1 million euros to complete, but the promoters believe they have arrived at the ideal formula to make customers happy.

Bots & Pots Sci-Food Bistro is in Zagreb and calls itself the first autonomous restaurant in the world, with food made with fresh ingredients. In recent years, several technologies have emerged to automate functions in the kitchen, but they are being applied mainly to fast food – frying potatoes and hamburgers or making pizzas, for example.

bots & pots

This will be the first space where robots make recipes with fresh ingredients, almost all of them in a pot. The human hand is only needed to load the machines that make the food, with the ingredients of the various recipes already prepared. And there are options for different tastes, especially pasta. There are several gnocchi proposals, but also a black risotto, or a Thai curry. Prices vary (for the dishes listed at this moment) between €5 and €9, but the menu changes.

Speaking to Reuters, who visited the space, those responsible admitted that they are already thinking about transforming the concept into a franchise. They also revealed that they believe in the evolution of the restaurant to a space without any human contact. In the current version, Bots & Pots already allows you to arrive, choose the dish and pay at a machine, but there is a human employee organizing work behind the scenes and supporting the restaurant.

The first Bots & Pots has five robot chefs. Each can produce four meals every 15 minutes.

About Zagreb

Zagreb is home to numerous stunning architectural landmarks, including the iconic St. Mark’s Church and the impressive Zagreb Cathedral. Visitors can also explore the city’s numerous museums, such as the Museum of Broken Relationships and the Museum of Contemporary Art. Foodies will enjoy exploring the local food scene, which includes delicious dishes like štrukli (a traditional pastry filled with cheese) and fine Croatian wines. Additionally, the city’s numerous parks and green spaces provide a relaxing escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Find your accommodation here.

There are several other restaurants around the world that use robots for cooking and food preparation robot restaurant zagreb

Here are a few examples:

  1. Spyce – is located in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. This restaurant uses a robotic kitchen to prepare healthy, customizable meals.
  2. Creator – located in San Francisco, California, USA. This restaurant uses a robot to make gourmet burgers to order.
  3. Box on the Road – is located in Perth, Australia. This food truck uses a robotic kitchen to prepare a variety of dishes, including stir-fry and noodles.
  4. Robot.He – is located in Guangzhou, China. This restaurant uses robots to cook and serve a range of Chinese dishes, including hot pots and noodles.
  5. Eatsa – is located in several cities in the USA. This fast-food chain uses a fully-automated ordering and food preparation system to serve vegetarian bowls.

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