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Croatia Calling: The best country for solo travel in 2023

Embarking on a solo journey can offer incredible rewards and enrich one’s life immensely. It allows for immersing oneself in diverse cultures, expanding horizons, and forging new connections. solo traveler

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Independent exploration empowers personal growth and self-discovery. Stepping beyond comfort zones becomes inevitable, as one navigates captivating civilizations, full of unique experiences.

Moreover, having complete control over the itinerary provides the freedom to travel at one’s own pace and visit desired destinations. Upon arrival, simply secure your belongings in storage and dive headfirst into a new city, be it the vibrant Zagreb in Croatia or the enchanting Valletta in Malta.

Nevertheless, solo travel can appear daunting, especially when determining the best destinations to explore alone. Thankfully, Bounce has analyzed numerous popular global destinations to identify the finest, safest, and most budget-friendly places for solo adventurers in 2023.


The best countries for solo travelers in 2023 solo traveler 

1. Croatia – 7.58/10 Solo Travel Score

Croatia boasts an array of breathtaking natural wonders, encompassing its crystalline waters, picturesque national parks, and captivating coastal towns. The country’s landscape is adorned with olive groves, serene pine tree forest trails, and exquisite sandy beaches. Additionally, Croatia is home to the renowned Pearl of the Adriatic, Dubrovnik, an iconic destination for visitors.

For solo travelers, Bounce offers a multitude of outdoor activities throughout the country, including hiking, swimming, kayaking, and sailing opportunities. Food enthusiasts will delight in the abundance of 17 restaurants per 100,000 people, guaranteeing a constant supply of fresh and delectable seafood.

Affordable accommodation awaits in this remarkable country, with hostels averaging at $14.31 (£11.52 / €13.26). In terms of safety, Croatia holds a solid position, as Bounce’s safety index rates it at 75.4/100, accompanied by a crime index score of 24.6/10.

According to Bounce’s 2021 solo travel study, Croatia has soared three places to claim the coveted top spot for 2023.

2. Malta – 7.05/10 Solo Travel Score

Malta, steeped in historical significance, has been influenced by various dynasties, evident in the multitude of fortresses and temples scattered across its lands. Situated in the Mediterranean Sea, between Sicily and the coast of North Africa, Malta enjoys an exceptional climate, with an average high temperature of 67.3°F and minimal rainfall averaging 414mm per year.

With its vibrant cultural and historical legacy, Malta offers a plethora of ancient sites and landmarks to explore, making it an ideal destination for solo adventurers. The country boasts an impressive count of 353 attractions per 100,000 people.

Independent travelers can indulge in the island’s captivating history and culture at their own pace. The capital city, Valletta, is particularly renowned for its breathtaking Baroque palaces, gardens, and churches.

In the realm of solo travel, Malta secured the second spot in 2021, solidifying its enduring popularity as a sought-after destination.

3. Slovenia – 6.66/10 Solo Travel Score

With an array of thrilling adrenaline sports and a love for the great outdoors, Slovenia captivates adventurous travelers. The country’s allure combines the natural beauty of Austria and Switzerland, yet remains unspoiled by excessive tourism. Moreover, Slovenia offers a more budget-friendly experience, with hostel accommodations averaging around $23.40 (£18.85 / €21.68) per night.

Slovenia boasts stunning natural landscapes, encompassing picturesque mountains and coastlines nestled in the heart of Europe. As a haven for health and wellness enthusiasts, the country is home to 80 natural thermal springs and rejuvenating waters, attracting solo adventurers seeking holistic retreats.

In terms of safety, Slovenia excels with a robust safety index score of 75.8 and a crime index score of 24.2, making it one of the safest destinations on Bounce’s list.

Notably, Slovenia has experienced a significant rise in its ranking, ascending six positions since 2021, a testament to its growing appeal.

The best country for…

Best countries for attractions

Attractions – Iceland (583 per 100,000 people)

Iceland claims the top spot on our list for having the highest number of attractions per 100,000 people, ensuring that solo travelers will never experience a dull moment in this captivating country. In Iceland’s capital, Reykjavík, one can encounter awe-inspiring geological wonders, ranging from volcanoes and geysers to hot springs and fjords. A visit to the renowned Blue Lagoon is also highly recommended, where a geothermal spa nestled in a lava field offers rejuvenation amidst milky blue waters and their renowned revitalizing properties.

solo traveler : best countries for restaurants

Restaurants – Singapore (212 per 100,000 people)

Singapore is renowned for its outstanding culinary scene, offering a delightful array of cuisines that showcase the diversity of the region. From traditional Malaysian laksa and Indonesian satays to flavorful southern Indian curries and spicy Chinese stir-fries, the country’s fusion of cultures and cuisines creates a vibrant and captivating gastronomic experience. This rich culinary tapestry is reflected in the bustling street markets and vibrant restaurant scene of Singapore, inviting exploration and discovery.

cost of public transport

Cost of public transport – Sri Lanka ($0.16 / £0.13 / €0.15 average cost of a one-way public transport ticket)

For solo travelers, efficient and affordable public transportation is often essential. Among the countries we examined, Sri Lanka offers the most budget-friendly option, with a one-way ticket costing a mere $0.16 (£0.13 / €0.15). Nestled in breathtaking natural landscapes, Sri Lanka is a captivating country renowned for its rich cultural heritage. It is home to remarkable attractions such as Adam’s Peak, making it an ideal destination for solo adventurers seeking beauty and cultural immersion.

solo traveler : cost a hostel stay

Cost of a hostel stay – Nepal ($3.60 / £2.90 / €3.34 average cost of a nightly hostel stay)

If you’re a solo adventurer on a budget, Nepal is the ideal choice for you. In Nepal, you can find affordable hostel accommodations for approximately $3.60 / £2.90 / €3.34 per night. Traveling on a tight budget can be challenging, particularly for solo travelers who cannot split expenses with companions. However, Nepal offers an opportunity for cost-effective exploration, allowing you to make the most of your solo adventure without straining your finances.

number of hostels

Number of hostels – Croatia (19.44 per 100,000 people)

Croatia stands out with an impressive ratio of 19.44 hostels per 100,000 people, ensuring a wealth of accommodation options for its population. This abundance translates into a great advantage when visiting Zagreb, as you’ll always find affordable lodging available. Hostels, in particular, are a top recommendation for solo adventurers, as they create an ideal setting for meeting fellow travelers who are embarking on their own thrilling journeys. These communal spaces serve as catalysts for connections and friendships, enriching your travel experience with shared stories and the opportunity to forge new companionships.

solo traveler : safety

Safety – Japan (76.9 index score)

Japan boasts the highest safety rating among the countries we’ve analyzed, making it an ideal destination for safety-conscious adventurers. Cities such as Tokyo and Osaka provide a welcoming haven for those who prioritize security during their travels. With a remarkably low crime index score of 23.1/100, Japan stands out as one of the safest countries to visit. This makes it a perfect choice for solo travelers seeking peace of mind while exploring without company.


Temperature – Singapore (average of 82°F year-round)

Weather is a significant factor to consider for travelers, and Singapore tops the list with the highest average temperature among the countries we analyzed, reaching a substantial 82°F. However, it’s important to note that Singapore is more likely to offer a tropical climate, characterized by high humidity and occasional rainfall, rather than scorching sunshine.

solo traveler : rainfall

Rainfall – Jordan (average of 97mm per year)

Jordan claims the lowest average annual rainfall on our list, with a mere 97mm per year. If your goal is to steer clear of heavy downpours during your travels, Jordan is the ideal destination for you. Situated in the Middle East, the country boasts an arid desert climate, characterized by minimal rainfall and a predominantly dry environment. solo traveler 

Methodology solo traveler

Bounce utilized a range of online articles and lists as a foundation to compile an initial selection of countries deemed favorable for solo travelers. Subsequently, each country was assessed based on various factors, with each factor comprising sub-factors. A normalized score out of ten was assigned to each country for every individual factor. By calculating the average of these scores, Bounce derived the final overall solo travel index score out of ten for each country.

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