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A survey of 2,000 UK residents conducted by OnePoll has found that Africa is the continent people most want to visit to see animals in the wild. See Wildlife

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The survey revealed that 36% of respondents ranked Africa as the top destination for viewing animals in their natural habitat.

Top 5 Continents with the Most Interesting Wildlife

The survey ranked the continents with the most interesting wildlife as follows:

  1. Africa
  2. Asia
  3. South America
  4. Europe
  5. Oceania

Why Did Africa Top the List? See Wildlife

Liberty Gilmour, Africa Regional Product Manager at Audley Travel, suggests that many people have grown up seeing Africa’s iconic wildlife on TV or in storybooks, which has stirred their imaginations from a young age. An African safari offers a unique opportunity to see different species’ natural behaviors in their natural habitats, often against a dramatic backdrop of vast plains, sparkling waterways, or huge mountain ranges.

What Wildlife Experiences Does Africa Offer?

Most people encounter the wildlife of Africa on a safari holiday, staying in a tented camp or a lodge and heading out each day on guided 4×4 drives in search of animals big and small. There might be a specific wildlife event people travel to see, such as the Great Migration in Kenya and Tanzania or migratory whales off the shores of South Africa. In Uganda and Rwanda, people can track endangered mountain gorillas, trekking through the jungle with guides who know where to find the habituated troops and can give you a chance to spend time in their presence.


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