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According to the latest UNWTO World Tourism Barometer, international tourist arrivals almost tripled in January to July 2022 (+172%) compared to the same period of 2021. This means the sector recovered almost 60% of pre-pandemic levels. The steady recovery reflects strong pent-up demand for international travel as well as the easing or lifting of travel restrictions to date (86 countries had no COVID-19 related restrictions as of 19 September 2022). The fact that summer is over doesn’t mean that we must stop travel! last minute vacations

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Stronger-than-expected demand has also created important operational and workforce challenges in tourism companies and infrastructure, particularly airports. Additionally, the economic situation, exacerbated by the aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, represents a major downside risk. The combination of increasing interest rates in all major economies, rising energy and food prices and the growth prospects of a global recession as indicated by the World Bank, are major threats to the recovery of international tourism through the remainder of 2022 and 2023.

The potential slowdown can be seen in the latest UNWTO Confidence Index, which reflects a more cautious outlook, as well as in booking trends which are showings signs of slower growth.

When autumn comes, what do we often do? After returning from their summer vacations, some people start working or attending college while others isolate themselves at home and mourn the end of the summer season. Rarely, if ever, when individuals decide to travel during this time of year. But is this the right decision to make? introduces Late Escape Deals because … There’s always time for one more trip!

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How much can you save with Late Escape Deals? last minute vacations

Late Escape Deals start at 15% off. Discounts are applied to the original price of a room, before taxes and charges. The discounted prices offered as Late Escape Deals can’t be combined with other discounts, except for Genius discounts.

When can you book Late Escape Deals?

Late Escape Deals can be booked between 26 Sep 2022–3 Jan 2023.

When can you travel using Late Escape Deals?

Late Escape Deals are available at participating properties worldwide, for stays between 1 Oct 2022–3 Jan 2023.

Need reasons why autumn is a great season for traveling? Here are 5!

1. Traveling out of season is cheaper

When it’s the season for vacations and going, like summer and winter, the people’s demand for holidays increases, thus the prices of the traveling offers increase as well. It may seem that traveling agencies understood this trend a long time ago, that they’ve used it to get more money out of people, but the truth is that their costs are also increased during the summer/winter time, and that is why they have to put some extra price to the offers. However, if you’re traveling some time that is out of season, like in winter, for example, you can come across much cheaper and several offers that will also save you some money for your next trip. You will even feel the difference in the local stores – the products can also be sold for a lower price during autumn time.

2. Avoid the stampede of tourists last minute vacations

Remember how up until now you’ve belonged to the group of people that travel only in season periods of the year? Well, you have belonged to the people that you’ve probably wanted to avoid while visiting a new city. You know all that crowd and mess a city survives when tourists attack it? An interesting fact is that they’re not only annoying the locals but also the other tourists that simply want to enjoy the spirit of the city. Just imagine yourself visiting your dream destination, like Paris for example, and you want to admire Mona Lisa in peace. But of course, if you go in summer what you’re probably going to admire is the hundreds of selfie sticks up in the air, threatening that they will hit you “by accident”.

3. Excellent climate conditions

If it’s autumn, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is going to rain all the time. Yes, it happens that the rain can pour down several days in a row, but come on, why focus on the negative aspect of rain? And the weather during summer can be scorching, which we find it good because we can go to the beach, but that’s not always okay. We may love the sun, but if we’re not careful, it can quickly burn your skin and leave us with consequences.

4. Colors, colors everywhere

We cannot ignore the fact that autumn wakes up the artistic soul in every human’s mind. The colorful leaves on the ground, the long green fields, and the magical rainbows after the rain, all provide many breathtaking views that will make you appreciate nature even more. There are even some places in the world where you can experience their real beauty only in the autumn season. Just imagine your amazing travel photos – you won’t even have to put filters on them to achieve the “WOW effect”.

5. Step out of the crowd last minute vacations

The winter holidays are coming, and everybody is on their quest for finding the perfect skiing and traveling destination or where the best place to celebrate the New Year’s Eve is. Again, due to the previously discussed reasons, everybody is going to attack the travel agencies to find a good offer for their “great” escape. Just because everybody’s going somewhere in that period of the year, doesn’t mean you have to follow them automatically. Step out of the crowd, think about the best way to celebrate those moments with your closest family and friends and leave the traveling decisions for a better period of the year when you’ll be properly prepared. After all, they’re all going to come back and discuss their experiences, so you won’t get your proper spotlight even if you went to the moon and back.

Late Escape Deals Conditions & Fine Print.
Minimum 15% saving available on new accommodation bookings at participating properties indicated by the “Late Escape Deals” badge on the search results and room selection pages. Bookings must be made before 11:59 pm CET on 03/01/23 for stays with check-in from 01/10/22 and check-out on or before 03/01/23. Discount applies to the cost of room only (excluding any additional fees or taxes). If you make any changes to your booking you may lose your discount and be liable for the full amount. Discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion except Genius discounts. Room rates labelled “Partner Offer” are excluded from this promotion.
This offer is provided by the participating property and subject to availability.




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