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Santorini, often referred to as the “Island of Beauty,” is a destination that enchants with its stunning architecture, rich history, and vibrant culture. From the iconic blue-domed churches of Oia to the charming streets of Fira, Santorini offers a unique experience that captivates the hearts of all who visit. Santorini Volcanic Islands Cruise

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One of the most extraordinary ways to explore the island is by embarking on a Volcanic Islands Cruise, a journey that takes you to the heart of Santorini’s volcanic past.

The Volcanic Islands Cruise: A Journey into Santorini’s Volcanic Past

The Volcanic Islands Cruise, which includes a visit to the hot springs, is more than just a cruise; it’s a journey into the heart of Santorini’s volcanic past. As you sail around the volcanic islands of the caldera, you’ll encounter breathtaking views of the island, surrounded by the deep blue of the Aegean Sea. From the grandeur of the volcanic formations to the tranquil beauty of the hot springs, the cruise offers a unique perspective of Santorini’s rich geological landscape.

Iconic Experiences on the Volcanic Islands Cruise

The Volcanic Islands Cruise takes you on a journey through Santorini’s volcanic past, offering a unique perspective of the island’s geological history. You’ll also have the opportunity to swim in the hot springs, which are known for their therapeutic properties. The cruise also features a visit to the island of Thirassia, allowing you to explore its vibrant flora and fauna.

Santorini: Volcanic Islands Cruise with Hot Springs Visit

Sail from Athinios Port to small islands that are home to volcanos, hot springs, and traditional villages. Enjoy some free time on each island, and enjoy the fantastic views and charming atmospheres of typical Greek countryside.

Set sail from Athinios and enjoy live commentary on board throughout the journey. First stop at Nea Kameni where you can take the path to the crater of the active volcano as you enjoy free time to explore the island. Next, head to Palea Kameni, and swim in the volcanic hot springs. Return to the boat for a short sail to Thirassia, where you’ll have free time to explore this charming village. Then, visit Manolas, accessed by winding stairs, or by a donkey ride up to the village.

There is the option of extending the tour in Oia to admire the panoramic views and a spectacular sunset. If this option is selected, after the end of the boat ride you will be transferred to Oia. Please meet your bus at the meeting point 15 minutes after sunset.

The Magic of the Volcanic Islands Cruise

The Volcanic Islands Cruise is not just about viewing the landscape; it’s about experiencing the magic of Santorini’s volcanic past. As you explore the volcanic islands and swim in the hot springs, you’ll learn about the island’s history, its geological marvels, and its culture. The cruise also offers a unique opportunity to meet fellow travelers, making it a perfect experience for couples, families, or groups of friends.

In Conclusion

Whether you’re a nature enthusiast or simply a lover of breathtaking views, the Volcanic Islands Cruise is a must when visiting Santorini. It offers a unique perspective of the island, allowing you to experience its rich history and vibrant culture in a new light. So, as you plan your visit to the Island of Beauty, be sure to include the Volcanic Islands Cruise in your itinerary.



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