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Paris is the world’s most attractive city destination

The 2023 edition of Euromonitor International’s Top 100 City Destinations Index has been released, ranking the world’s most attractive destinations for travelers. Paris retains its title as the number one city, followed by Dubai and Madrid. Notably, Tokyo makes its debut in the top 10, reflecting its growing appeal as a tourist destination. most attractive city destination

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The report assesses cities across six key dimensions: economic and business performance, tourism performance, tourism infrastructure, tourism policy and attractiveness, health and safety, and sustainability. This holistic approach provides a comprehensive view of each city’s strengths and weaknesses as a tourist destination.

Sustainability emerges as a critical factor in this year’s rankings, with cities that prioritize sustainable practices being rewarded. The report highlights the importance of managing tourism’s impact on the environment and local communities.

Here are some of the key takeaways from the report: most attractive city destination

  • Paris remains the world’s most popular tourist destination, thanks to its iconic landmarks, rich cultural heritage, and well-developed tourism infrastructure.
  • Dubai continues its impressive rise, ranking second overall and leading the Middle East rankings. Its focus on innovation, luxury experiences, and family-friendly attractions continues to attract visitors from around the globe.
  • Madrid‘s strong performance in sustainability efforts lands it in the third-place position. The city has implemented a number of initiatives to reduce its environmental impact and improve the quality of life for residents and visitors alike.
  • Tokyo‘s entry into the top 10 reflects its growing popularity as a tourist destination. The city’s unique blend of tradition and modernity, as well as its safe and efficient transportation system, make it an attractive option for travelers.

The Euromonitor report provides valuable insights for cities around the world as they compete to attract tourists. By understanding the factors that travelers consider important, cities can develop targeted strategies to enhance their appeal and ensure a sustainable tourism industry.

The top 20 cities in Euromonitor’s Top 100 City Destinations Index 2023 are: most attractive city destination

  1. Paris, France
  2. Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  3. Madrid, Spain
  4. Tokyo, Japan
  5. Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  6. Berlin, Germany
  7. Rome, Italy
  8. New York, United States of America
  9. Barcelona, Spain
  10. London, United Kingdom
  11. Singapore, Singapore
  12. Munich, Germany
  13. Milan, Italy
  14. Seoul, South Korea
  15. Dublin, Ireland
  16. Osaka, Japan
  17. Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR
  18. Vienna, Austria
  19. Los Angeles, United States of America
  20. Lisbon, Portugal

Istanbul was the most-visited city in the world, with over 20 million international travelers in 2023

International travel has continued to make a strong recovery in 2023 with 38% growth in terms of number of trips, projected to reach 1.3 billion by the end of the year. 

An important milestone for the recovery of the industry in 2023 has been the return of Chinese international travel, following the removal of the governmental quarantine. Global tourism spending is set to reach USD1.7 trillion in 2023.   

Istanbul tops the list for the number of International arrivals in 2023 with 26% growth year-on year followed by London in second place (up 17%) and Dubai in third (up 18%). 

Hong Kong (2495%) and Bangkok (142%) saw the biggest year-on-year growth in International arrivals as they were among the last to reopen after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Travellers now seek providers that offer high-speed internet, flexible booking options, and comfortable work environments to accommodate remote working. Building a strong digital transformation with the help of disruptive technology, improving sustainability, transportation networks and social impact are some of the key goals cities are embracing today to increase competitiveness, improve their tourism offer and deliver a seamless customer journey.  

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