Louie, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship” – this classic line is spoken by Rick Blaine, played by Humphrey Bogart, in the film Casablanca (1942) directed by Michael Curtiz. travel to casablanca

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Casablanca is an Arab metropolis surrounded by incredible beaches, and mixes the traditions of its former medina with many more modern attractions.

Located on the Atlantic Ocean, the cosmopolitan Cassablanca is the largest city in Morocco although Rabat is the political capital. This colorful city features lively traditional markets and narrow streets full of spices and aromas.

Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, the Hassan II Mosque has the tallest minaret in the world. Made of hand-crafted marble, this beautiful mosque blends the Islamic architecture with Moroccan elements. Situated in the heart of Morocco, the modern Port of Casablanca is the largest one in North Africa and one of the largest artificial ports in the world.

The traditional market of Quartier Habous has a great variety of handmade Arabic carpets, metal wares and a huge olive area. The shopping paradise of the Exposition Nationale d’Artisanat is the place to buy local products, souvenirs and quality leather goods.

The Boulevard Muhammad V is Casablanca’s busiest street linking the Place des Nations Unies with the railway station in the east of the city. If you are looking for relaxation, visit one of the local Turkish baths and enjoy soothing spa treatments. offers a big selection of hotels in Casablanca with wellness facilities.

Mohammed V International Airport is the busiest airport in Morroco, serving many European countries. The train station of Casablanca Voyageurs connects the city with Marrakech and Tangier.

The best time to visit Casablanca is October travel to casablanca

Want to know when to travel to Casablanca? Based on criteria such as the weather, cost of flights and hotels, and peak travel periods, October is the best time to go to Casablanca. In summer, the temperature in Casablanca can rise as high as 29℃ (85℉). In the winter months, it can get down to as low as 8℃ (47℉) at night.
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The longest days between sunrise and sunset in Casablanca are usually in July, so if you want to get the most out of your daytime activities, be sure to plan your visit around this time. The wet season in Casablanca usually falls during the months surrounding November each year. It’s not uncommon to get some decent rainfall or light showers during this time, but on some days the weather tends to be fine for a majority of the day, with only a few drops of rain falling from a passing shower.


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