Luchatitlán, the new themed entertainment center, inspired by the world of lucha libre, will open its doors on April 1 in the most visited shopping mall in CancúnPlaza La IslaFibra Uno property. Luchatitlán was born of the most solid and committed partnership with sports, spectacle, family entertainment and tourism: Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide, leading lucha libre enterprise in Mexico and the rest of the world; Ventura Entertainment, expert theme park developer and operator in the main points of the Mexican Republic. Luchatitlan house of lucha libre

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Proudly Mexican, lucha libre is the ultimate sports spectacle in the entertainment industry, acknowledged as an intangible cultural heritage in Mexico, and named as one of the best sporting experiences in the world. The also named “art of pankration” presents for the first time a show displaying its history and legacy to international and national families, within an environment highlighting the best of Mexico and a focus on touristic entertainment.

The official house of lucha libre, will offer an artistic representation of Mexican lucha libre, accompanied by exquisite “barrio” cuisine, which can only be found in an authentic Mexican street party, with all of its flavors, colors and traditional ingredients.

Experience Cutting-Edge Technology and Immersive Storytelling at Luchatitlán’s Unique Show! Luchatitlan house of lucha libre

This themed concept integrates a store, a restaurant with a terrace for 220 diners, plus a typically Mexican cantina, and a forum in its more than 2,900 m2, all equipped to bring top-of-the-line comfort, service and experience to 580 visitors.

Using cutting-edge technology, a unique show with a modern focus will be presented, narrating a story in an immersive manner. The viewer will bear witness to the magic and traditions surrounding Mexican lucha libre without leaving the edge of his seat, in an experience that seeks to conquer the attention and hearts of its visitors.

“Adding to the affinity and talent of all the parties involved, what we designed is something unique, with its own identity that is, authentically lucha libre, but delivered in a distinctly touristic and entertaining way”, mentioned Guido Benassini, CEO of Ventura Entertainment. Get your Cancun accommodation here.

“This is a very thrilling moment for all those involved in the creation of Luchatitlán. All visitors and families of Cancún, México and the rest of the world will have a place to know the history, legacy and magic of Mexican lucha libre, in an experience like no other”, stated Dorian Roldán, Managing Director of Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide.

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