The global agritourism market is experiencing healthy growth, driven by governments’ increasing focus on promoting rural tourism and supporting on-farm sales to boost local economies. North America is currently dominating the market with over 45% of the revenue share. As per Extrapolate’s recent research report, the global agritourism market is projected to reach a valuation of USD 118.63 billion by 2032, growing at a CAGR of 6.6% during the forecast period 2023-2032. This market has gained immense attention recently as tourists increasingly seek authentic, sustainable, and eco-friendly experiences. agriturismo tuscany

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Agritourism involves integrating agricultural practices and experiences with leisure activities. This segment of the tourism industry is rapidly growing, and many countries have implemented policies and initiatives to promote and support its development. For example, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) offers various grants and loans to support agritourism, including the Rural Business Development Grants, Value-Added Producer Grants, and the Farm Service Agency’s loans for diversifying farm operations.

EUR 100 Billion Funding for Developing Agritourism in Europe

Agritourism provides multiple revenue streams for farmers and rural communities. These include direct sales of farm products, fees for farm tours and events, educational workshops, accommodation, and catering services. Governments worldwide have recognized the value of agritourism and have implemented various programs to support its development. For example, the European Union’s Rural Development Programme provides financial support for developing agritourism facilities and services in rural regions, with a total funding of EUR 100 billion for 2014-2022. The United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Agritourism Program provides grants, technical assistance, and marketing support for agritourism ventures.

URB, a leading developer of eco-friendly urban spaces, is set to construct the world’s most expansive agritourism destination in Dubai, Agri Hub, in collaboration with the UAE government. This ground-breaking project aims to generate over 10,000 employment opportunities and foster a green economy within the city. As a pioneer in sustainable city development, URB’s ambitious endeavor will establish Dubai as a premier agritourism hotspot.

Istria vineyard

Rows of lush vineyards stretching as far as the eye can see, a testament to the rich soil and perfect climate of Istria


Agritourism as a Promising Avenue for Sustainable Rural Development

Domestic agritourism is projected to continue generating the highest market revenue and emerging as a promising avenue for sustainable rural development. In addition, growing interest from locals in exploring the rural lifestyle, agriculture techniques, and other related outdoor activities has significantly contributed to the segmental growth. Many governments have started to address the challenges farmers face in terms of infrastructure, training, and marketing. They have begun promoting rural tourism, providing financial support for infrastructure development, and creating training programs for farmers. This has led to increased urban consumer interest in agritourism activities worldwide.

The on-farm sales segment held the second-largest market share after outdoor activities in the global agritourism market in 2022 and is projected to continue to maintain its position in the coming years. According to a USDA study, farmers who participated in agritourism earn an average of 33% more per production unit than those who sell through traditional channels. Additionally, selling directly to consumers allows farmers to benefit from the increasing interest in locally-grown produce.

The Most Developed Agritourism Countries in the World agriturismo tuscany

Agritourism is a popular trend around the world, and many countries have established themselves as hotspots for agricultural tourism. Here are some of the most famous agritourism destinations worldwide and what makes them the best:

  1. Italy

Italy is one of the best agritourism destinations in the world, with its rolling hills, vineyards, and olive groves that provide a stunning backdrop for farm stays, vineyard tours, and cooking classes. Tuscany, in particular, is famous for its agritourism, with its idyllic countryside and rich culinary traditions. Some of the places you can visit: Agriturismo agrocentorio Tuscany, Agriturismo Podere I’ Caldino, Agriturismo Pensieri di Cavatina, Sce Quiríc, Tenuta CastelGiocondo, Agriturismo Poggio Ridulfo.   agriturismo tuscany

  1. France

France is another popular destination for agritourism, with its charming countryside dotted with picturesque vineyards and orchards. The Provence region is particularly famous for its agritourism, with its lavender fields, olive groves, and wineries providing the perfect setting for farm stays and wine tours. Places to visit and stay: Ferme Oleicole Les Callis, La Ferme Constantin or Studio Églantine.

  1. United States

The United States is a dominant force in the global agritourism market and boasts some of the best agritourism destinations in the world. Some of the most popular destinations for agritourism in the US include California‘s Napa Valley, where visitors can take wine tours and attend cooking classes, and Vermont, where visitors can experience maple syrup production and farm stays. Places to visit & stay: Z Ranch, Cozy Country Cottage In Sebastopol Cottage, or The Pony Experience; Glamping with Private Petting Zoo.

  1. New Zealand

New Zealand is a popular destination for agritourism, with its pristine countryside, rolling hills, and lush pastures. The country’s dairy farms and vineyards offer visitors the chance to experience farm stays and wine tours, while its sheep farms provide the opportunity to learn about sheep farming and wool production. Places to stay: Waiotahe Dairy Farm Hideout or Highlands on Homestead.

  1. Japan

Japan is known for its agricultural tourism, or “agri-tourism,” which involves visitors experiencing local agricultural practices and traditions. Some of the most popular agritourism activities in Japan include tea ceremonies, rice harvesting, and fruit picking. Places to stay: Kumano Winery Guest House or Farm Stay Ezura Farm.

    6. Croatia

Istria, a region in Croatia, is known for its thriving agritourism industry which offers visitors a unique opportunity to experience traditional farming practices and taste locally produced food and wine. The picturesque landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and Mediterranean climate make Istria an ideal destination for those seeking an authentic rural vacation. Some of the agrotourism places in Istria worth a visit: Parenzana – Buje, Agroturizam Toni – Motovun or Agroturizam Romano – Buje.

agriturismo tuscany

Key Takeaways agriturismo tuscany

Agritourism is a rapidly growing segment of the tourism industry, and its popularity is only expected to increase in the coming years. As governments around the world continue to recognize its value and support its development, the global agritourism market is expected to reach a valuation of USD 118.63 billion by 2032.

From Italy’s rolling hills to Japan’s tea ceremonies, there are many famous agritourism destinations around the world, each offering its unique agricultural experiences and traditions. Whether you’re interested in farm stays, wine tours, or cooking classes, there’s an agritourism destination out there that’s perfect for you.



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