There are a million different things that you could do in your free time to unwind, but one that’s incredibly popular in the winter months is skiing. An incredibly fun pastime where you can be physically active, have a blast and get some adrenaline pumping without as much risk as some other similar activities. Best Ski Areas

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If you’ve been to a couple of different ski resorts in your time then you’ve probably noticed how much the quality can vary so you may have wondered “Which are the best and biggest ones in the entire world?” and we are here to answer that for you. We’ve gone through all the best ones and tried to narrow it down to just a few so let’s dive into it.


Courchevel – France

If you’re specifically looking for the biggest ski resort in the world then this resort located in the massive ski area The Three Valleys in France has got you covered. It covers about 150 km of ski area which is incredible. It’s absolutely insane and hard to put into perspective just how big it is. It’s truly one of those things where you need to see it yourself just to grasp how grandiose it is. The entire Three Valleys area is stunning in its quality and this village is probably the best part of all of it.

As expected from one of the finest ski resorts in the world the snow is incredibly well maintained which gives a very smooth feeling to the skiing experience. They’ve made full use of the massive area they have so there are many different ski slopes depending on your preference and skill level. You can find both some of the most difficult runs in the world and also some very simple ones where you can teach your kids quite easily. There are so many options that you’re bound to find one that’s perfect for you.


Niseko, Japan Best Ski Areas

You may not have known this but Japan has some incredible ski resorts and slopes. One of our all-time favorites from the land of the rising sun has to be Niseko. Prepare some warm clothes as the temperatures here are likely lower than most of the resorts you’re used to visiting which leads to some very fine snow and smooth skiing. Whatever it is you’re looking for you’re likely to be satisfied here. Japanese hospitality also shines through and the people you’ll meet here will also make you want to stay even longer, be it the staff in the hotels or perhaps the tutors.

They’re famous for having some of the toughest runs in the world, but that doesn’t mean that your average joe can’t find something for themselves. In fact, most of the slopes in the connected resorts are meant for people who are of average skill or lower so you don’t need to worry about not having something to do if you’re not an incredibly skilled skier yet. They even provide high-quality lessons which you can certainly make use of to more easily get your children into skiing if you aren’t sure that you can teach them yourself yet.


Zermatt, Switzerland

Is it even possible to make a list of the best ski resorts in the world without mentioning Switzerland? It’s one of the things they’re famous for and this place certainly doesn’t disappoint. It’s worth going there if nothing then for the view of the gorgeous Alps as it’s higher up in the mountains than any other Alpine ski resort which allows you to appreciate the beauty of nature even more and provides a stunning view of the Matterhorn, something that should be seen by everyone at least once in their lives. 

There are quite a few things in Zermatt that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. While that claim may seem quite bold it’s true. You can ski over a border between two countries, over different passes into beautiful trails, and much much more. While there are some incredible slopes that are meant for the most veteran of skiers you don’t need to worry since there is something for people of every skill level present. Even if you’re new to skiing that shouldn’t dissuade you from visiting Zermatt and taking in all the beauty and quality that they offer. 


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