A Eurotrip is like a dream of every traveler, if not every single person. However, while many minds immediately go to the most major countries and the brightest cities, nobody thinks to look at the equally intriguing yet less popular ones. Time for a change! eu countries to visit

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If you are going to Europe, next read our list of the top 10 overlooked countries here! 


1. Hungary eu countries to visit

Hungary is still highly underappreciated even if considered a true gem of Central Europe. People tend to overlook it because it does not have any of the most famous landmarks on the continent, but it is still a country of great history and is a lot of fun to visit!

Discover the magnificent architecture and especially the most important buildings in the capital city, Budapest. Do not forget to chat with the extremely friendly and laid-back locals and take a walk along the Danube Bank. It is also a perfect location as a connection point for easy navigation through Europe, the most popular route being the Budapest to Vienna train.

Hungary has plenty to offer; you just have to reach out and take it! 

eu countries to visit: Budapest at night

Budapest at night, Photo credit: Pixabay


2. Austria

You might wonder why Austria ended up on this list if it is so popular and often visited. Well, in reality, Austria takes a low place of priority for holidaymakers. And that is unfortunate. 

Let’s take Vienna, for instance. A city of culture and beauty, it is considered one of the most aesthetic and artistic cities in Europe. There are many museums and palaces to visit here, but we especially suggest seeing the Vienna State Opera House – a legendary establishment of music and art. 

Do not stay just in Vienna, though. There are plenty of other charming cities nearby; for example, if you take Vienna to Salzburg train, you will be transported to a clean, picturesque, and quaint part of the country. Speaking of, we suggest using Austria trains in general – their system is very well-developed, allowing easy access in a hundred different directions. 


3. Faroe Islands

It sounds utterly ridiculous that some have not even heard of the name. Unfortunately, you’d be surprised, as we are not joking. If you are one of those people, settle in for a quick lesson! 

Composed of 18 different islands within the Kingdom of Denmark, Faroe is the perfect destination for nature lovers. With lovely villages and picturesque towns, the islands are the right choice if you wish to visit something relatively remote yet just as stunning. 

Hike, ride bikes, and take strolls across the lovely streets of the cities here! This is the perfect opportunity to see some Nordic beauty without brushing shoulders with the crowds.

A village in the Faroe Islands

A village in the Faroe Islands, Photo credit: Pixabay


4. Finland

Now, let’s knock on the neighbor’s door! Finland is undoubtedly more widely known and welcomes quite a large number of visitors, but it is still nowhere near as appreciated as it should be.

Where else in Europe would you find a real Santa Clause’s home? Or the stunning archipelagos and staggering coasts on the Baltic Sea? 

Make the reservations right now, or you will regret not doing it later, believe us! If you are lucky, you will also get to see the exceptional occurrence of the Northern Lights. 


5. Malta eu countries to visit

A bit more popular in the media after the release of Netflix’s The Crown, Malta is still entirely overlooked. It is a stunning location for a summer holiday and an excellent substance for Greece, for example, where the crowds are breaking ground, and you will have no free moment to yourself. 

The Meditteranean gem is perfect whether you want an entertaining yet lazy holiday spent at the beach or in historically-packed cities. Just ask Queen Elizabeth II!

eu countries to visit: Harbor in Malta

Harbor in Malta, Photo credit: Pixabay


6. Montenegro


Why would someone ignore the sandy beaches, ancient towns, and buzzing nightlife? The better question is how

Montenegro is a country of hot nights, majestic-looking towns, mouth-watering cuisine, and rich history. You should skip some of the more widely-acclaimed holiday destinations and head straight here. The country is also one of the most affordable holidaying locations in Europe, and it does not disappoint! 


Montenegro, Photo credit: Pixabay


7. Norway eu countries to visit

Do you see a pattern here? Well, Scandinavia has a wrongful stereotype of being only an excellent money-making machine. And the myth that people are only traveling to look for a more financially-stable life is simply not true.

While Norway is rich in capital, it is also rich in history, culture, and art. Albeit a bit different from the most famous ones. 

Hang with the crazy wildlife they grow there, try out the Norwegian cuisine, especially the seafood, and admire the white summits on mountains Galdhoppigen or Glittertind! 


8. Romania

Now this one saddens us! The fact that Romania is overlooked is totally unfair. eu countries to visit

Get ready for the best mixture of scenic landscapes of waterfalls, culturally rich cities, artsy towns, and regions of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Not to mention the fictional part Romania plays in the history of classical literature! And yes, we are talking about the killer castles scattered across the country. So how could you not want to go? 

eu countries to visit: Mountain valley in Romania

Mountain valley in Romania, Photo credit: Pixabay


9. Lithuania

A small jewel near the Baltic Sea, Lithuania should have visitors all year long! 

Head to the capital city, Vilnius, but make a stop in Kaunas, too! The cities of modern culture mixing with historical monuments are what is extremely attractive to tourists. Churches of baroque style and small, albeit stunning castles will lure you in, and their traditional cuisine and genuine love for sports are what will make you stay! Not to mention miles after miles of unspoiled greenery.

eu countries to visit: Lithuania

Lithuania, Photo credit: Pixabay


10. Luxembourg

Luxembourg faces the unfortunate fate of being so close to Paris, Amsterdam, and Belgium, that tourists usually skip it altogether, missing out on what would undoubtedly be an unforgettable trip. 

And really, it has everything to offer – loud nightlife yet calm days, friendly residents, stunning castles with intriguing historical backgrounds, and beautiful nature. Pick your fix! Just make sure you set aside enough time for it. Luxembourg might be a tiny country, but it is plentiful and mighty! 

Surely, now you are ready for the best Eurotrip ever! It really helps thinking outside of the box, so take as many new or unplanned opportunities as you can – this is the only way to really know these countries in-depth. With that advice, onwards and upwards! 


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