Dean One to offer partners access to T-Mobile business plans

The combination of Mobile Wholesale and a highly competitive mobile portfolio is unique in the market and enables Partners to quickly create extra value for their company

Dutch provide Dean One announced the new partner programme Mobile Wholesale, giving its partners access to T-Mobile’s business services portfolio @Work.

Robert de Jager, Director of Sales at dean one: “The demand from Partners for Mobile Wholesale has increased significantly in the last year. Partners want to manage their own customers more and more. Mobile Wholesale from dean one is unique in the market and truly gives the Partner the freedom to do business. In addition, Partners create extra value for their business, without being dependent on a mobile provider. Mobile Wholesale is really a huge game changer for the partner channel. “

“T-Mobile’s @ Work portfolio perfectly matches our vision on the market: very competitively priced unlimited subscriptions to the best mobile network in the Netherlands. With Mobile Wholesale, Partners from dean one have unique access to the @ Work portfolio, which means they are now able to compete with mobile. In this way, Partners can be the link for all ICT and telecom services for their customers, “ says Dave Faber, GO! Ambassador at dean one.

With this collaboration dean one has a unique position in the market: telecom and ICT Partners can offer unlimited calls to their customers with @Work from T-Mobile and offer internet on the best tested mobile network in the Netherlands. The @ Work subscriptions will be offered in the wholesale GO! Portal of dean one. With Mobile Wholesale, dean one meets the large demand from the partner channel for more independence and future security.

Martijn Teekens, Director Sales B2B at T-Mobile: “We are pleased to announce this collaboration with dean one. With our unlimited proposition, entrepreneurs do not have to worry about connectivity. We call that unlimited enterprise on the best network in the Netherlands. Thanks to the cooperation with dean one, we have access to an extensive national network of telecom and ICT partners, with which we can further strengthen our role as a partner in connectivity. “

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