David Guetta arificial intelligence

David Guetta used artificial intelligence to reproduce Eminem’s voice in a new song

The artist will not release the track commercially, but he played it in one of his last shows. David Guetta said this is the future of rave music. David Guetta arificial intelligence

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David Guetta has just released a new track in collaboration with Eminem. However, contrary to what would be expected, the American artist does not utter any verses in the song. Alternatively, the DJ used an artificial intelligence model to emulate the rapper’s voice.

In concert, Guetta announced “Emin-Ai-em”. The track features a voice that is particularly similar to the rappers. “This is the future of rave music,” he shouted.

In a video, the DJ explains that everything is just a joke, but it is the ease of the process that impresses and underlines how easy it has become to mimic someone without their consent. “I found some AI sites – basically, you can ask them to write lyrics in any artist’s style. I asked them to write me “an Eminem-style verse about the raves of the future. Then I asked another model to recreate your voice, I gave it the text that the previous AI had generated, I played the final result and people went crazy”, he explained.

David Guetta explained that the song will not be released commercially, but that does not absolve him of having reproduced the song for a large audience without the artist being aware of what had happened.

Neither Nick Cave nor Jerry Seinfeld was particularly pleased with some attempts made by fans to emulate their work with the help of these technologies. Naturally, there are problems of identity falsification, in this case, but an artist who comes to look at the possibility with better eyes can mean the monetization of his voice and his creative persona, without requiring real effort on his part. In this case, however, control over his name will always be essential. At the time of writing, Eminem has not responded to Guetta’s post.  David Guetta arificial intelligence

Using AI in music making David Guetta arificial intelligence

AI is being used in music making in various ways, such as generating original compositions, enhancing or altering existing music, and even aiding in the production and mixing process. This is achieved through machine learning algorithms that are trained on large datasets of music to learn patterns and create new music based on those patterns. Some examples of AI music-making tools include Amper Music, AIVA, and OpenAI’s MuseNet. However, while AI can be a useful tool in music creation, it cannot fully replace the creativity and intuition of human musicians and composers.

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