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Datora to offer eSIMs and 5G access to Brazilians

The eSIM begins to gain strength in Brazil after Datora, one of the three Mobile Virtual Operator (MVNO) aggregators in this country, began the final stage of testing this device for its inclusion in providers that use its platform, connected to the TIM Brazil network. It will also move forward with 5G coverage. datora brazil esim 

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The final test will begin next month and, from there, MVNOs that include the eSIM will be able to attract new customers through QR codes at points of sale or through advertising strategies, both physical and digital.

The test was confirmed by Eduardo Resende, director of commercial support for Datora, in dialogue with Mobile Time. Datora has 17 MVNOs connected to its platform, most of them offer Internet access but there are also retail providers and some that offer Internet of Things (IoT) services.

In parallel to the introduction of eSIM – which will coexist with the provision of physical chips – another novelty that Datora will include will be 5G coverage. Currently, the company is making the last adjustments to give access to the fifth generation to the MVNOs that operate on its platform. The expectation is that this evolution materializes during this first semester.

Datora is, along with Surf Telecom and America Net, one of the three MVNO aggregators recognized by the Brazilian regulator. Between the three, they bring together 88 percent of the total accredited Mobile Virtual Operators. This is equivalent to a base of more than 2.3 million connections and the expectation is that, by the end of 2023, there will be 23 MVNOs that will be uploaded to the platform and that the number of clients that use it will rise to three million.

“We are open to all potential partners who want to propose new MVNO businesses and verticals. We firmly believe in the segmentation of the target audience, but if a long-term plan is not built, the account will not be closed”, added Rezende.

As part of the new winds blowing in the MVNO market, the executive insisted on the need to avoid entering into a price war because that is not healthy for the business, and stated that it is time to add value and differentials to allow a more sustainable development for all parties.

During the BNC LATAM SUMMIT, organized by TeleSEmana.com, the value of eSIMs was raised again as part of a new differentiation proposal for telecommunications operators and, in particular, for the IoT segment.

In addition to saving costs, eSIMs seem to become more relevant in the context of 5G deployment if one takes into account the opportunities that are seen to provide differentiated services through network slicing as well as at the level of data security.

What Datora inaugurates in the coming months could become an example to be watched closely by the rest of the markets in the region. datora brazil esim 



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